‘Shadowhunters’ Previews: “Beside Still Water”

Tonight marks the season 2 finale of Shadowhunters and we’re kind of looking forward to seeing how it ends. While we can admit that we’re not extremely happy with how the adaptation has taken place, we can admit that it’s had it’s good, bad, and kind of great this season.

The great being Will Tudor. He’s absolutely amazing and been a delight to watch evolve on the screen.

With the finale coming up tonight we’ve got a lot of questions. Sure, we’ll be doing a season wrap up – but today, lets talk about the previews for tonight and the questions that it’s leaving us with.

We’re not liking the overtones in that preview. We’re hoping that the Shadowhunters take down whomever is the person trying to take them down. It looks as though they won’t give up without a fight.

But who will die?

We know that Sebastian/Jonathan was stabbed last episode and fell into the water, but we also know that he will be in the finale. So will he be the one to die?

Here’s the thing – if Jonathan dies – that creates an issue in the future, at least by book standards. But… We know that they have taken this on a road that we can’t even fathom, but we’ll see what happens. We know that they have turned him into someone that possesses/takes shape of others. Skin burnt off in hell and all that. Yes, we know it’s a departure from the books – it’s one we don’t agree with/see the need for.

We know that Clary can’t die. She’s the main character. They’d be insane to kill off Jace, Clary, Magnus, Alec, Izzy, or Luke.

We’re thinking that it’s going to be one of two people that die – The Seelie Queen or Meliorn. If the Queen dies – someone will ascend to the throne.

“Beside Still Water”, is showing us a relationship in crisis and new issues. But we’re intrigued to see the action scenes. We have to admit that Shadowhunters has gotten a lot better at those. Which is why seeing the preview of Clary, Jace, Alec, and Izzy running something down in NYC keeps us on our toes.

The dragon looking thing makes us kind of think Game of Thrones, but maybe we’re just riding off that high of how amazing the episodes have been.

And in an unpopular opinion – we’re glad that they are finally giving Malec tension. Everything felt too easy for them. We want to see them find their way to each other – not just be together. Malec is one of our favorite book relationships, but again, we know that the TV Malec is different.

But it’s not just about Malec. Any relationship – we want to see it built. We don’t want to just be told about it. We want to see it evolve. See them fall, see their struggles, see what makes them finally find a common ground.

We want to see and that is important to us.

You kinda have to feel bad for Alec – always torn between duty and his feelings.

“Beside Still Water” airs Monday, August 14, 2017 on Freeform. Will you be watching?

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