Jordan Bolger Added To The Cast of ‘The 100’

Like you, we love The 100 and are anxiously awaiting 2018 so we can embrace it’s return. We need to know what happened with Bellarke and of course everyone else.

As we sit here on pins and needles, we know that there is casting coming. And guys, we got some last week. Sure, we’re late on it – but in all fairness, I was sitting in the hospital, so working wasn’t on my list.

British actor Jordan Bolger has been added to the cast to play Zeke Shaw in the 5th season. You had us at British, The 100. Well played.

Who is Zeke Shaw? He’s a “self-professed adrenaline junkie brimming with brains, wit and bravado.” He has managed to not be on earth for both apocalypses, so we’re thinking that he’s pretty fucking lucky. He left earth before the first apocalypse on a space mission. Now he’s back and earth is nothing like he left it.

Color us not surprised.

We’re wondering how he fits into everything and if there is going to be a relationship with him and Clarke. Yes, we’re totally wondering what anyones relationship with Clarke is, cause we want to make sure no one gets in the way of Bellarke.

The 100 returns with season 5 in early 2018 on The CW.

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