BBC Announces Harry Styles Special

Admit it. Your inner (and outter) fangirl has been dreaming of a full TV special dedicated to the green eyed Brit who stole our hearts singing ‘Isnt She Lovely’ on XFactor all those years ago. And since One Direction is on hiatus, your desperation and desire for more Styles in your life only increases with each passing day.

Or maybe that’s just me…no? Yes? Anyway…

BBC seems to have heard my plea, as they announce a TV special featuring the hitmaker to come this November. BBC has already done similar specials with Adele and Michael Buble, and considering Harry’s solo star power this year, it makes all the sense to dedicate a full special to him.

“Harry Styles at the BBC” will feature him with a live in studio audience performing tracks from his solo, self titled release, as well as a sit down chat with good pal Nick Grimshaw. The special is scheduled to be recorded August 30.

Chatting with long time friend Grimshaw will surely bring out a more relaxed, personal side of Harry.

“Harry is a great performer and full of so many wonderful stories about his extraordinary career, which he’ll be sharing with us.” – Nick Grimshaw

The how’s in terms of getting our greedy grabby hands on tickets to the special are unknown at this time, but I am sure some enterprising young fans will be able to get inside to view the event. I, alas, will be curled up on my couch with ice cream and my blanket watching Harry through my TV.

No, I’m not crying. You are.

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