Louis Tomlinson Teases New Track

As a hardcore Directioner I have to admit this hiatus has been painful. After five years of new music, videos, interviews and tours from our fav four (previously five) lads, its been a heavy radio silence since late 2015 when they took a well deserved break from the group to branch out with individual projects.

But 2017 has seen that radio silence ended with music, appearances and two world tour announcements from Harry Styles and Niall Horan. It seems our drought has ended in a big way, and we couldnt be more excited.

Louis Tomlinson has been hinting to his solo album in the works for some time, and has already released two tracks. Just Hold On was an instant hit in late 2016, his collab with Steve Aoki, and how Back to You has followed with an even bigger response. But Tommo, always the sass master, has decided that he wants us to hear even more, and chose to tease us in the most typically Tommo way.

Posted on Louis’ Instagram on August 23, the short clip shows him listening to an undisclosed track while driving home after a hard day. He admits the album is complete, and that he hasn’t yet chosen his next single.

“Just listening to the album on my way home so thought you deserved a little exclusive … Anyone work out the lyric yet ? … Haha smashed it . Made it to Amsterdam last month though … P.s wrote that song like 6 months ago (sic)” – Louis Tomlinson

Tomlinson did admit to fans that he plans to release two more singles from the album, although did not hint as to any names or expected release dates.

When discussing the album, he admits that fans will get to know him a little better, but that it isnt all sunshine and roses.

“I’ll probably do one, maybe two more singles and then the album. But the album in general is just very honest and conversational. In the early sessions I’ve had, a lot of songwriters love to write about fairytales and situations that just don’t really feel like the bands that I grew up listening to. They speak very matter-of-fact and honest, and I think that’s cool and that’s interesting. Although the fans know loads about me, they’ll definitely learn a bit more after the album.” – Louis Tomlinson

No release date for the album, or next single, have been disclosed as of yet, but we will keep you posted on all things Tommo as they come about!

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