Ivana Milicevic Joins the Cast of ‘The 100’

There is an addition to the cast of The 100 and we’re pretty excited about it. I mean, then again, we’re super stoked about anything that has to do with The 100.

Love Actually actress Ivana Milicevic has been cast as Charmaine Diyoza, a prisoner aboard the ship. You know what ship I am talking about. The one that landed at the end of the season. The one that left us all wondering – wait, what – There were more people in space?

Sure, we’ll find out more about the prison ship when The 100 returns, but we know because of San Diego Comic Con, that the ship went up 100 years before the first apocalypse. Now, our question is – if it went up that long ago, are the people on there really criminals/prisoners? Aren’t they just descendants of the people that were? Like why are they being punished?

What did they do? And did they not have to be released into space for their crimes?

We know that Charmaine will be a “ruthless military strategist who will go head to head” with some of our favorites. We’re gonna need Octavia back with a quickness so that she can knock her back down to size. But even then, we can’t guarantee Octavia would because Charmaine is said to cause a split between the survivors.


But the description also says that Charmaines actions “she will leave an indelible legacy on our new world.”

Just tell me are we supposed to like her or not?

The 100 returns in 2018.

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