Wattpad Moves In To Video With New App

Wattpad has never been one to stay still for long, the online orange landscape of writing and reading dominating all things web-word. In its 10 year existence, it has already launched the careers of NYT bestsellers, made partnerships with Universal, Paramount, Hachette and more, and was awarded as one of the best new start up businesses.

It seems that just when you start to get the hang of Wattpads latest launch, they bring another out that leaves you wondering ‘where do they come up with all these ideas!?’

This time, they have moved to video, launching the latest in their digital story telling apps. Called ‘Raccoon’, this feature is based on non-fiction video storytelling with the purpose being to inspire and create connections. Wattpad has already launched platforms such as Tap (chat stories) and joined forces with publishing giant Hachette to bring some of their most popular stories to audio. It seems that video was the logical next step, and of course, Wattpad took it.

While still a a storytelling focus, Raccoon feels more like a social experience rather than simply reading good tales. Rather than not knowing the person who is telling the story, Raccoon feels more like YouTube, or vlogging, bringing the tale and the person to the forefront of the experience.

Similar to Snapchat, you can record your stories to the app, but if you are feeling a little video writers block, you can ‘ask for inspiration’ on what to post. You can like and share your favorites, but at this time no commenting is enabled on the app. Stories are only to be a couple minutes long, so the app will remind you when you are getting close to the cut off.

And to get users started Raccoon offers prompts for people to launch into their tales, and provide inspiration and commonality.

“Wattpad’s vision is to entertain and connect the world through stories, and as part of this we are constantly looking for innovative ways to evolve the storytelling process. We know that video will play an important role in the future of storytelling and wanted to create a place where storytellers can authentically connect with audiences around shared experiences.” – Ivan Yuen, Wattpad Co-Creator

Yet again, Wattpad has proven itself the brain storming guru of storytelling in the digital age, and shows no signs of stopping. We can wait to try this new feature out, and see what they come up with next!

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