‘This Is Us’: The ABC’s of Jack and Rebecca

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With just one season, This Is Us stole our hearts will a depiction of a family. The hit drama centers around The Pearson’s and the lives they lead in both the past and present. At the center of this family are Jack and Rebecca, the couple that made us laugh, cry and everything in between this year.

Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore have created an already iconic TV couple and we’ve only seen one season. Jack and Rebecca may have their hardships, but at the end of the day they love each other and will fight for that love.

We’ve put together a list of ABCs that reminds us of all the things we love about Jack and Rebecca. We could go on forever about our love for this couple because the letters in the alphabet are just the tip of the iceberg for our favorite This Is Us couple.


A is for Always

No matter what happens, Jack and Rebecca will always be there for each other. Even when they’re fighting, even when the kids are giving them a headache, they will always come back together. Their marriage is something we all can strive to have. Even at their lowest points, they will always be their for each other.

B is for Big Three

While Jack and Rebecca were a couple long before they started a family, the Big Three only brought them closer together. Without Kate, Kevin and Randall, Jack and Rebecca wouldn’t be the people we love today. Big Three! BIG THREE!

C is for Caring

Jack and Rebecca care for each other more than anything in this world. Their family comes first and they’ve taught all three of their kids to be caring. And heck, the Big Three learned it from the best.

D is for Devoted

Even though they have their ups and downs, Jack and Rebecca will always be devoted to each other. From Jack’s drinking problem to Rebecca wanting to pursue her music career, the couple is devoted to making their marriage work.

E is for Effortless

Their love is effortless. Simple as that. The two of them just connect on another level and it shows in every episode. Jack and Rebecca show the ins and outs of a relationship and marriage. It’s not always all smiles, but everything they do is effortless. They love each other, simple as that.


F is for Family

Family comes first for Jack and Rebecca. They’ve created an amazing family with their three kids. Family is an important aspect to Jack and Rebecca’s relationship. They grow stronger as their family grows. While we don’t know what’s on the horizon for these two, we know their family will get them through.

G is for Generous

What makes this couple so great is they are always willing to put the other one first. Jack lets Rebecca go on tour even though it’s hard for him to watch her leave. They’ve conquered so much together and are willing to be generous with one another. Even when it pushed them further apart, Jack and Rebecca come together in the end.

H is for Husband and Wife

This Is Us is built on Jack and Rebecca’s marriage. It’s because of that adorable, intimate wedding that we have so many stories to watch. It’s their commitment to each other that has built this incredible family. We love them so much!

I is for I Love You

While we haven’t seen much of the early days of their relationship, it’s safe to assume that they loved each other from the moment Jack laid eye on Rebecca singing. It was pretty obvious from day one that Jack and Rebecca would spend each day loving each other. Jack and Rebecca have continuously said “I love you” reassuring us that love can be found even if you have to wait a little while for it.


J is for Joking

While they have moments where they’re serious, Jack and Rebecca aren’t afraid to joke around and have fun. That’s why we love them. They love to make each other laugh and it’s adorable to watch.

K is for Kate & Kevin

The twins! Kate and Kevin are a huge part of Jack and Rebecca’s love story. Kevin and Kate are always there for each other and are the spitting images of their parents. Kevin has grown into a bright, strong young man like Jack, while Kate is becoming more and more like Rebecca. We love these two!

L is for Loving

Jack and Rebecca are a loving couple. They look out for each other and their family. It’s hard to imagine the Pearson clan without these two together. They’re loving, warm and sweet to each other. While there are big moments in this couples life, even the small moments show that they’re a loving couple.

M is for Moonshadow

An important moment in Jack and Rebecca’s history, Moonshadow is the start of this amazing love story. Watching Jack watch Rebecca sing Moonshadow is the epitome of watching a couple fall in love. Even the season one finale entitled “Moonshadow” saw Jack and Rebecca taking a break from their marriage. It’s important all around for this couple.

N is for Natural

From the minute they got together, Jack and Rebecca have been so natural. They fall into place and bring out the best in each other. It’s hard to imagine a time where they aren’t together because their relationship is natural and part of the very fabric of This Is Us.


O is for OTP

Jack and Rebecca stole our hearts in just one season. Of course, it didn’t take long, just look how adorable they are. We can’t wait to see where they go in season two. The very definition of a “one true pairing.” While they have each dated others, they made it to each other and now there’s no question that they were each others soul mates.

P is for Passionate

Even with all the chaos that circulates around having the Big Three, Jack and Rebecca always finds time to be passionate. They are sexy, heartwarming, heartbreaking and everything in between. Their love story brings a little more passion to This Is Us.

Q is for Quintessential

Jack and Rebecca are the very definition of “quintessential.” They are the most perfect example of a couple that will do anything for each other. There is never any doubt about them as a couple and although they’ve gone through some rough patches, they always make their way back to each other.

R is for Randall

Randall is a huge part of Jack and Rebecca’s love story. They saved Randall and brought him into their family. Randall has shaped both Jack and Rebecca for the better. Jack became a better man and father, while Rebecca learned to see the world a little differently. Randall is as important to Jack and Rebecca’s relationship as Kate and Kevin.


S is for Steelers

The Steelers are as important to Jack and Rebecca’s relationship as the Big Three. And we’re not just saying that because they were conceived in a bar bathroom after a big game. The Steelers brought Jack and Rebecca to the realization they want a family and we thank them!

T is for Traditions

Pilgrim Rick. Steelers Football. The Big Three birthday banner. The traditions Jack and Rebecca set up with their kids are so adorable and so important. We want to join in on them because they’re that amazing. We just love this little family so much!

U is for United

Jack and Rebecca always present a united front. They always band together and work together. We love seeing Jack and Rebecca together because it just shows how united they are. These two stand beside each other as a united group.


V is for Valiant

Brave. Courageous. As a couple, Jack and Rebecca are the definition of “valiant.” Doing everything they can to assure a safe life for themselves and those around them, Jack and Rebecca valiantly stand beside each other in the best and worst times.

W is for William

While Randall may not have grown up with William, he’s very much part of Jack and Rebecca’s journey. Not only did he give Randall life, but was instrumental in helping Rebecca understand her son. We love William so much and know him and Jack would’ve been best friends.

X is for X’s & O’s

Even while they are drowning in parental duties, Jack and Rebecca find time to give us some adorable hugs, kisses and everything beyond. Throwing in a steamy make out session from these two has never been a problem for This Is Us and we thank them every single day for it. I mean, just look how adorable these two are!

Y is for Youthful

Jack and Rebecca’s relationship is always fun and youthful. They always make time to have fun and not take life too seriously. While they’ve been dating for a while, they’re still in the honeymoon stage of their relationship and we love it. Seeing them at all different stages in their relationship is one of the many reasons we love This Is Us.

Z is for Zealous

Passionate. Devout. Committed. Fierce. All these words describe Jack and Rebecca’s relationship perfectly. We love them and can’t wait to see where they go and how their relationship grows for years to come.


This Is Us season 2 premieres on September 26th at 9/8c on NBC

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