Bachelor in Paradise Episode 3 – The Drama Rises

I know, it’s been a second and I’m well behind on these recaps, but 4 hours a week is a lot to take in (I even think TOO much, they’re killing us with all this back-to-back Paradise!). But anyway, let’s see if we can get caught up right quick like!

The episode picks up right from the week prior, with footsteps leading down the stairs. The footsteps are not Daniel’s (as prior predicted), but Adam. Adam who brought the lookalike doll with him in Rachel’s season. If Adam Jr. isn’t here, I demand Adam’s disappearance!

Adam arrives with a date card, obviously. He chats with Kristina, who says she is open to hanging out with him. We find out that Adam and Raven have talked to each other outside of the show a bit. This whole hiatus business gives this season an extra bit of intrigue, since they all know who is going to show up, since they were all together during the shut down.

I enjoy that Wells gets some time to narrate/chat with the cameras, but still do not understand how he ended up in this place to begin with.

ADAM JR makes an appearance, hell yeah!

This is not creepy at all, nope…

Ben and Raven have dogs who are ‘a week apart in age’. Ben needs to stop talking about his dog.

The camera pans to Dean, who is sleeping in the most uncomfortable position know to man – you’re gonna get a backache there, pal! Jack Stone thinks that Dean is great if you’re in middle school, but not if you’re a grown up. He may have a point to this, as he totally avoids a serious conversation with Kristina.

On Raven and Adam’s date, we learn a little more about how they met during the production shut down. The greatest thing to happen during this date is when Adam has some time chatting with the producer, the world’s largest moth flies lands on him and he freaks the eff out. It’a amazing.


I think perhaps, someone is going home?

FINALLY we are on the cusp of a rose ceremony.

There’s some crazy mad weather happening during the filming of the rose ceremony, it’s basically torrentially raining.

Jack and Alexis talk and she’s basically like ‘you just want my rose hey”. We haven’t heard much from her thus far, so her time in Paradise may not be for long.

With no guaranteed rose in sight, Ben gets mad that’s he’s there and could be at home with his dog. Side note, we are all embarrassed for Ben.

Robby says Amanda was “engaged to a buddy of mine”. Its JOSH. If her relationship with Josh didn’t work last year, I don’t get the impression that one will work with a buddy of his, people of a same kind do tend to befriend one another.

Side note: I’m so impressed with the hair on all these girls in the rain and heat. I would definitely be a frizzled mess by this point, but these girls look barely bothered by it.


Here’s how the first rose ceremony goes down:
1. Taylor – Derek

2. Jasmine – Matt

3. Raven – Adam

4. Alexis – Jack Stone

5. Lacey – Iggy

6. Danielle – Ben (basically a pity rose)

7. Kristina – Dean

8. Amanda – Robby (Nooo Amanda!)

Alex, Nick, Vinny and Iggy all head home from Paradise (very sadly). In a funny bit, it shows Vinny in his exit video absolutely struggling to get his seatbelt on. It’s stuck, and he appears not to know the cardinal rule of a seatbelt (aka, just let it go all the way back and try again). It’s great.


That face you make when you’re in over your head.

The next person to show up is Danielle L from Nick’s season, yay, another Danielle. They all appear to call her “D Lo” though which is definitely NOT annoying whatsoever…

Danielle chats with the guys so she can figure out who to give her date card to (it seems thus far, that it’s only the new arrivals that actually get date cards, not those already there). When she first chats with Ben the first thing she asks him is ‘how’s your dog?’ Here is your winner Ben! Hold on to her and don’t let go!

However, she does not ask Ben out on a date and instead chooses Dean, who accepts, even with Kristina shooting laser beam eyes his way.

On the date, Danielle’s pants are so ripped that they are more rip than pant. Can we please stop making 90’s fashion a thing again? I already had to live through that once, as a pre-teen, and it wasn’t pleasant. I have the smiley faced crop tops to prove it.

The rest of the date is non-eventful, they talk and make out and Dean basically plants himself right in the middle of a Kristina/Danielle love triangle.

The episode ends with Dean basically needing to figure out what the hell he’s going to do, so that he stops stringing both of them along (spoiler alert – this won’t get resolved any time soon!)

Thats it, folks! Stay tuned as I play catch up and get you all up to date on the latest happenings of Paradise!

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