Fanexpo Toronto 2017 Kicks Off and Fangirlish is There

Fanexpo Toronto is the annual celebration of all things geek! Sci-fi, horror, gaming, anime and more, anything your little nerd heart could desire is brought together at the Metro Toronto Convention Center each year to eager and enthusiastic fans of all aspects of fandom. And just like the infamous San Diego Comic Con, the fans make the event just as much as the event thrills the fans!

This year, Fangirlish is going to be bringing you all the awesomeness that has descended upon Toronto with special features, live panels, celebrity interviews and daily recaps of anything and everything Fanexpo. There is certainly no shortage of incredible fandom opportunities at Fanexpo, and your on sensory overload from the moment you walk through the doors.

The North building of the MTCC starts things off in relative calm this Thursday, the first official day of the convention, starting off at 4pm. But just because it hasn’t reached its peak doesn’t mean it didn’t bring its A-game. No matter your fandom preference, there are vendors to fill your every collectible desire, from Game of Thrones, to Star Wars, to costumes, artwork, and more. The artistry and intricacy of the work is awe inspiring, and each individual brings something unique and special to the event.

A rather fun and geek-out moment for me, personally, was meeting the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Ghost Busters first came out when I was a child, and even now many (many) years later, it is still one of those movies that leaves me breathless. As much as it takes a lot to get me to fangirl, I may have giggled when I got an official marshmallow hug.

But my marshmallow friend was certainly not the only celebrity in the house. John Barrowman, fandom actor extraordinaire, was on hand to meet with fans, sign autographs, and take snaps with those around. Barrowman is an expert in fandom, starring in such shows as Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Doctor Who, Torchwood and more. If there is any more experienced an actor in the comic-to-television realm, you would be hard pressed to find him. But what’s more than his status is his genuine approachability, the smile never leaving his face, and his attention fully on each fan who stepped up to him. It was easy to see that he appreciated the fans of his work just as much as they appreciated his talent.

For Doctor Who fans, rest assured, the Doctor was in the house. Matt Smith was present signing autographs and meeting fans much like his co-star Barrowman. The eleventh doctor of the fandom fav franchise, Smith was a thrill for all Who fans, the cheers and screams heard throughout the North building the moment he stepped up to his table. Beyond the good Doctor, Smith is also known for his role in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, another millennial cult classic that shows Smith’s versatility and reach in front of the camera.

But when it comes to cult classic phenoms, there is little more infamous than the Rocky Horror Picture Show. There are multiple specials, panels, and appearances by the stars of this fan favorite over the course of the expo, with Nell Campbell and Patricia Quinn on hand to start things off in a big way. And for those who were fortunate enough to meet them, they can attest that Columbia and Magenta definitely know how to make the fans happy.

Nell Campbell

Patricia Quinn

For those looking more for the buying power of such a convention, you won’t be sorry when you reach the South building and behold the greatness before you. A cornucopia of collectibles, comics, and artistry, the mind boggles at how much talent can fit in one building. No matter your preference, you will find it here, even if you aren’t quite sure what you are looking for. Trust me, I didn’t even know I needed a miniature Game of Thrones Drogon Pocket Pop until I stumbled across the cuteness and knew it must be mine.

Despite the hours spent, there was still so much more to be seen, which is why were are there all weekend! Each day we will recap our adventures, the panels, the stars and all the swag to give you all the details of this incredible convention of fandom!

Check back daily, and if you are in the Toronto area we can’t impress upon you enough how badly you must check this event out! It is a staple of the end of summer Toronto, and each year gets bigger and better.

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