Wattys 2017 Announces Shortlist Winners

The equivalent to Oscar season has arrived for Wattpad writers, and in a big way. The Wattys showcase the best and brightest stories of the forum, the title of Wattys winner a coveted one within the writing world. To have that badge on your story cover is something many strive for, and a select few special stories achieve.

This year, however, the awards are being done a little differently. Rather than directly announcing the winners, there is a shortlist of selected titles that have made the first round. These individuals come from a variety of genres, such as teen fiction, vampire, and more, and within these titles will come our 2017 Wattys winners.

Some of the authors are well known to the forum, such as Emma Rose, Gaby Cabezut, Tahlie Purvis and others, and there was no shortage of excited friends, authors and readers shouting out their support for those titles chosen for this special listing.

The final awards will be announced in late September, but to even make it to this list from thousands of entries shows just how special these stories are.

If you want to know a little more about the Wattys, click HERE

To check out the shortlist and more, click HERE

Many congrats to all those shortlisted, and we cant wait to see which of you will walk home with the Watty!

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