‘The Night Shift’ 4×10 Review: ‘Resurgence’

Last night, The Night Shift concluded it’s fourth season with the action packed “Resurgence”. Many big decisions were made by characters across the board. TC decided to stay in San Antonio while Paul took his place with Amira in Syria. With support from Rick, Drew made the final decision to go to Ranger school, which is another reason why TC decided to stay, he needed to take Drew’s place at the hospital.

These decisions in “Resurgence” tied up a lot of the loose ends and over arching story lines that this season has dealt with, but many were still left open ended as well in anticipation of NBC renewing the series for season 5. There were a couple of flash forward scenes, one showed Drew on the ground at Ranger school, apparently in pretty bad shape, hopefully just from dehydration or exhaustion, not anything serious. If it is serious, I won’t be able to handle it.

Paul is in Syria with Amira expanding his skills as a doctor and gaining real world experience helping people that he believes will help him to become a better physician. It’s an admirable decision, but a very dangerous one and we don’t know if Paul will make it safely home from Syria or not.

TC, Scott, Jordan, and the other students in the battlefield medicine training program were heading out into the wilderness at the end of “Resurgence” to practice solving medical emergencies without the usual medical tools, so if there is a season 5, the series will kick off out there, probably with some disaster during training.

One plot point that was left unresolved in “Resurgence” was Annie’s death. The last we heard, TC had hired a private investigator to find out where she was, but that’s all the further that they got. TC, Scott, and the rest of the night shift family still don’t know what happened to her. When this is finally addressed, it’s bound to be an extremely emotional moment.

Paul’s dad Julian once again made an appearance, being as controlling and irritating as usual. He thought that Scott should have consulted him about the battlefield medicine training program, and threatened to shut it down, basically just because he hadn’t been the one to suggest it. It was just another demonstration of Julian not trusting Scott or his staff to do their jobs, that everyone knows they do extremely well. His only concern is power, no matter how many times he tries to say that everything he does is to help Paul and his daughter.

They’ve tried to give him a redemption arch a few times, but it’s just not going to work for me, and probably a lot of other viewers as well. I really appreciated that Scott stood his ground and remained confident in his authority as head of the hospital. He used to let people push him around, but he has finally realized how skilled and responsible he really is and has really grown as a person because of that realization. I think Scott’s character development was actually my favorite part of this season. We’ve seen a lot of growth from other characters in the past (or sometimes regression in TC’s case) but Scott’s story has often been sort of a side not. This season he was really brought to the forefront, and it added a whole new level to the show.

I’m extremely glad that TC decided to stay in San Antonio, and it seems like a good step forward for his character development. If he had decided to go back to Syria I was about to drag him back home myself. It also seems like he and Jordan are close to getting back together. She was one of the main reasons why he didn’t go back to Syria, as she did her best to persuade him that he was needed at the hospital and that she needed him. Thank god it changed his mind, and they might finally be able to work through the trauma they experienced together with losing the baby and everything that has happened with TC’s family. It’s about time the star couple of The Night Shift (besides Drew and Rick) get back together.

It is a little worrying that NBC has not announced the renewal of The Night Shift by now, but its ratings have remained solid and I’m fairly confident that the announcement will come soon. If they didn’t choose to renew it would be a big mistake, as The Night Shift is one of the most diverse series on TV right now, and doesn’t shy away from discussing hot button social and political issues.

Thanks to everyone who’s read my reviews for this season, and I hope to see you all back for season 5! Make your voices heard and let NBC know that they should renew The Night Shift for another season!

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