Fanexpo Toronto 2017 Day 3: Kristen Kreuk, Star Sightings and so many Costumes!

Day 3 of the 2017 Toronto Fanexpo has arrived, bringing a normally busy end of summer Saturday in Toronto to whole new heights of insanity. Known as the busiest day of the convention, fans converged on the Metro Toronto Convention Center to take in all things fandom, in genres such as horror, sci-fi, cosplay and more. And with wall to wall booths, celeb signings, photo ops and endless costumes that leave you in awe, it is a fandom mecca of awesomeness.

Our day 3 started a little different, and incredibly fortunate, as we had the opportunity to sit down with fandom fav Kristen Kreuk to discuss her latest project. Shuyan Saga, an active graphic novel in which Kristen voices the main character, brings together two incredibly popular fandom genres and merges them into a single interactive experience like no other. The tag line for the novel is ‘Gaming and comics had a baby and it stars Kristen Kreuk’, and this couldn’t be more accurate. With stunning imagery, a unique and gripping score, and the chance for users to take part in the battle scenes of the story, Shuyan Saga takes a leap into the realm of unique and awe inspiring like no other before it.

Kristen Kreuk

Now, interviewing a fandom fav such as Kristen Kreuk was something that we are so thankful to have the opportunity to do, especially after meeting the star and seeing that she is every bit as beautiful inside as she is out. Genuine, sweet, and welcoming, she set my first-timer nerves at ease quickly, and within seconds I felt as though I were just chatting with a long time friend. We discussed the novel, the diversity, and also Kristen’s own aspirations for her future. Be sure to check back soon when our full interview with the star will go live, as well as more information on Shuyan Saga!

Norman Reedus

Taking a scroll through the North and South buildings of the MTCC on the Saturday of Fanexpo is always a daunting task. But, also the best day to do so, as some of the most fangirling igniting stars make their appearance. As a The Walking Dead fan, catching a glimpse of Norman Reedus (Darryl Dixon) while he signed autographs for the endless line of fans make me a little (more than a little) weak in the knees. I also feel the need to mention that every time I came back to the signing area during the day, Mr Reedus was there, greeting fans and taking the time to talk to each one. And I was in and out of that area all day long, and he was still there. Clearly one of the biggest draws of the convention, Reedus made sure to give the fans all the time he could, and they clearly appreciated it!

Stephen Amell

Another sighting that made us a little giddy was Arrow star Stephen Amell. Taking his time to talk to fans, sign autographs, and greet Arrow watchers, you could see in his expression he was truly listening to his fans. It was an interaction, rather than simply a task, and his time and presence thrilled all those who got the chance to meet him. As if we couldn’t love him (and the show) more, he just reaffirmed why we are all such fangirls of both.

Now, for anyone who knows Fanexpo will attest to the fact that the fans are just as talented and thrilling as the stars themselves. And when we say this, we mean the dedication, the attention, and the costumes! These are no simply off the rack designs; oh no. Taking on a whole other persona for this event is what many do, some taking weeks to prepare their outfits. And the best part? You can go up to any of them and ask for a photo, and they will smile, and immediately strike the perfect in character pose. They know their characters inside and out, and many times you are left feeling as though you met the true character themselves, rather than a fan. I was fortunate enough to come across endless individuals with such talent and inspiration, but here are just a few of my favs from the day. Of course, Game of Thrones was an ever present appearance, along with Suicide Squads favorite couple, and two fandom worlds colliding with characters brought to life by the incomparable Johnny Depp, Captain Jack and the Mad Hatter. Saturday night is the masquerade where many of these fans will converge to take in this special part of fandom as a collective.

Joker & Harley Quinn
Captain Jack Sparrow & Mad Hatter
Ladies of Game of Thrones



Thor outfit from Thor Ragnarok

One part of such conventions that I think everyone loves, is the sneak peak to new and exciting movies, games, shows and more. Fanexpo is no different, upping the game and the hype with sets, characters and freebees to get the people talking. In preparation for the remake of horror icon Stephen Kings IT, the Derry High bus was on hand to creep out anyone brave enough to check it out (I am not that brave; I saw the original, and have been terrified of clowns ever since). Also, for you Chris Hemsworth fans, the costumes from Thor Ragnarok were displayed proudly and impressively to get fans excited for what was to come when the film finally hits theaters.

We had hoped to take part in a panel with Harry Potter alum Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy), but it was postponed until Sunday. A perfect example of the saying ‘good things come to those who wait’, as we will happily wait a little longer to get a chance to chat with Mr Malfoy himself.

The number of panels, signings, photo ops and booths available to allow fans to indulge on every fandom whim was endless, and if only I could tell you about every nook and cranny of the MTCC, I would. Alas, I have yet to even complete the grounds myself, 3 days in, which goes to show you just how much there really is for all fandom types!

Stay tuned for our final day recap tomorrow, with new interviews, panels, exclusive photos and more! And don’t forget you can follow our Instagram and Twitter for live tweeting of panels, photos, videos and more as it all happens!

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