Harry Styles Thrills Fans on the Jonathan Ross Show

Any time Harry Styles appears on a show, you know fans will be glued to their TVs for every word he speaks. There is little Styles could do that would not draw a crowd, as since his hiatus with One Direction he has a number 1 album, single, and film all at the same time.

He is entertainment gold, which he seemed to channel in his clothing choice as he took the stage at the Jonathan Ross show September 1. Performing the second single from his self titled solo effort, Styles crooned the lyrics to Two Ghosts to thrilled fans in the audience. The show producers made fans wait until the end of the show before Styles took the stage, creating a tension and epitomizing good things come to those who wait. When he finally appeared, guitar in hand and clad in a bright yellow suit indicative of his unique style, it was all well worth the wait.

Fans of course loved the appearance, and it was hard to tell which gained more attention, the song or the suit?

The only down side, however, was that there was no real chat up with Styles by host Jonathan. Many hoped that he would sit down and let us hear that beautiful, soothing voice of his talk about whatever he pleased, but other than a quick drop of his album and a reminder to go out and get it (as if we haven’t already), that was about it.

Alas, we will have to make do with the lovey yellow suit until his next appearance. Well done, Mr Styles.

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