‘The 100’ Casts William Miller as Season 5 Villain

The 100 has found its newest villain!

According to TVLine.com, the hit CW series has cast William Miller in a major recurring role. The character will be named Robert McCreary and is described as “a mysterious prisoner aboard the long-distance mining mission sent from our time. A former enforcer from a powerful crime syndicate, his ruthless, violent methods make him a formidable antagonist to our heroes.”

The majority of Miller’s acting credits come in Spain, though he is connected to The 100 through Jason Rothenberg. Miller starred in Rothenberg’s unpicked up pilot Searchers.

The description of this villain sounds almost like one we would read about for fellow CW series Arrow or The Flash, but regardless it will be refreshing to see a new kind of villain placed in the post-apocalyptic world of The 100. Miller joins new additions to season 5 along with Lola Flanery, Jordan Bolger, and Ivana Milicevic.

Season 5 of The 100 premieres in the beginning of 2018.

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