Wattpad Stars Talk Fandom with SYFY

The landscape of fantasy, science fiction and fandom is rapidly changing. No longer is being a nerd a negative, and love of such genres considered uncool. Geek is the new black, and with events such as San Diego Comic Con and Fanexpo taking nerdom to new levels each year, more and more people are starting to understand why these films, shows and genres are more than what they once were.

During the 2017 SDCC, SYFY channel gathered a few awesome folks to discuss the change in this geek culture, and what this will mean moving forward. What does fandom mean now, and fans react.

Some of these on camera faces are well known to the Wattpad world, as Stars Fallon DeMornay, Rebecca Sky and others step in front of the lens to give their take on what is coming for the state of fandom in the millennial age. Along with SDCC goers and nerd culture fanatics, they all had some very interesting things to say.

Here are just a few…

“I think it is in transition in a really good way. Women are getting to the forefront, other ethnicities are getting more feature roles which is awesome” – Rebecca Sky

“I love the flood, for me there is a new movie, a new show, new everything all the time. The problem is I dont have the time to watch it all!” – unknown

“We are no longer on the fringe of pop culture.” – unknown

“It’s a great time to be a nerd.” – unknown

But what was more in this short feature, is the message to fans. For a long time, those of us in fandom and who loved these genres always felt on the outside of pop culture looking in. That we are different because of our preferences. But now, in a time where being different is more accepted and desirable, it is those changes that are making fandom and geekdom mainstream and welcomed.

“You should embrace every part of you, even if people make fun of you. Because if it is something you love and brings you joy, that is something so rare.” – unknown

“Become the person you want to be.” – unknown

“Through you fandoms and your geekdoms you find you who are, so dont be afraid to show that.” – Fallon Demornay

Messages such as this video are showing a new light on fandom, new age pop culture, and the reality that there is no more clear division on what is considered cool. As the world becomes more open and accepting to differences, both physical, mental and preferential, the world of the nerd is no longer limited.

Thank you SYFY for this video and for putting forward the message that geek is in!

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