‘Will’ Has Gotten The Axe At TNT

We’ve been covering Will all season, because our obsession with Shakespeare runs deep. That and our love for Jamie Campbell Bower runs deep.

But as the story goes, somethings get another season and some get cancelled.

TNT has decided to not move forward with a second season of Will.

The series never reached an optimal number when it came to viewership and seemed to be alway on the verge of cancellation. And hey, we won’t lie, sometimes the show freaked up out a little bit.

But even then it’s number that would have been okay on other networks. It stayed around the 300,000 mark and lets be honest we all know shows that have worse numbers.

And I have to say, Will was a hell of a lot better than Claws, which TNT did renew.

Will starred Laurie Davidson,  Olivia DeJonge, Jamie Campbell Bower, Mattias Inwood, Ewen Bremner, Colm Meaney, William Houston, Lukas Rolfe, Max Bennett, and Jasmin Savoy Brown.


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