FanExpo 2017: Sam Maggs Is A Fairy Godmother of Fandom

We do what we do because we love fandom. Being a fangirl (or fanboy) is an expression of adoration and love for something within entertainment, whether it be film, tv, gaming, books, or basically anything that brings us joy and can draw together a collective of individuals based on that joy. It is a binding connection between people who may have never met, all because we feel connected to a similar fandom.

That is what brought forward this site, what drives those of us who work tirelessly to bring all of our readers the best of fandom, and keeps us all interconnected despite miles, oceans, and languages. The love of fandom.

Fandom takes many forms, as I mentioned. Countess media represent our personal fan favorites, but in this case, it is expressed in a person. A person who is a self admitted and proud fangirl, a strong female voice for all things geek, and our very own fairy God mother of fangirling.

Sam Maggs is an author, professional geek girl, and television guest whose work focuses on pop and nerd culture, and how that intersects with concepts of gender. Author of uber popular books including Fangirls Guide to the Galaxy and Wonder Women, Maggs knows no boundary for what a woman, and a geek, can accomplish, and is an advocate for gender equality and culture. As the 2013 Awesome Geek Feminist of the Year award winner, she is the epitome of strong, powerful, vocal geek girls!

Sam Maggs

But something we experienced personally when meeting Maggs at the 2017 Fanexpo, was her genuine connection to her fans. She is not just a writer, a table and pages between her and her audience. She doesn’t just read tweets and messages sent as part of the job, feeling nothing about those on the other side. She remembers fans she met at previous cons, even years before, by name. She thanks each person, introducing herself as though we didn’t know exactly who she was and idolized her for it. Even if you have only interacted with her a few times via Twitter, she will recognize you, and even remember some of your conversations.

Maggs takes the time to listen to her fans, to what brings them into fandom, their feelings and opinions on fandom and female empowerment, and encourages vocal discussion. Watching her interactions with her fans was inspiring, the way she showed her appreciation and true connection to these individuals through words and commonality, is a bond like no other.

She is genuine, strong, and speaks her mind, and is a role model for all of us seeking to do the same. To force change through our words, our presence and our efforts, refusing to back down based on gender, sexuality, or fandom. Bringing the worlds of pop and gender culture together, colliding in the way Maggs does, is a much needed merger of two of the most powerful influences of this age. She does it with grace, with humor, and with no apologies. And we love her for it.

She is a fairy God mother of fangirling, fandom, and it was an honor to finally meet her in person! We cant wait to see what she brings forward next!

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