Liam Payne Appears on James Corden and its More Than We Could Have Hoped For

With the 1D lads on a group break to focus on individual solo projects, we have been treated to four times the appearances, music and entertainment. And what better place to bask in such solo glory than with long time 1D pal James Cordon on the Late Late Show.

Liam Payne is the latest 1D member to appear on the popular late night show, and it was filled with insight, fun, and riffs?

In true Cordon fashion, it was not just a normal talk show. Oh, no. Challenging Payne to a riff off to determine which is better, male solo artists or boy bands, the two stood toe to toe in a musical battle that is more than we could have hoped for.

Cordon started the segment with a little taunt:

“It’s just a fact: boy bands are better than solo artists. They got the hits, they got the choreographed dances.” – James Cordon

Of course, Payne had his own opinions on this:

“Don’t get me wrong,” he said. “Boy bands are great, obviously. But you can’t be slumming solo artists.” – Liam Payne

It didnt take long before the two set off on a Pitch Perfect style battle of awesomeness backed by acappella group Filharmonic. Cordon started with boy band icon NSync ‘Tearing up my Heart’ and 90’s hit MMMBop by Hanson, before Payne replied with George Michaels Faith and Ed Sheerans Shape of You. Of course, he ended his part with his own tune, Strip that down, which clenched the title of champion, before joining Cordon to sing One Directions Best Song Ever.

But even better than the rendition of tunes was learning the inspiration for the littlest Paynes name, Bear. And it is the cutest thing we’ve ever heard.

“When he was born, he had this thing where if they don’t have a good cry, they can get fluid on their lungs, which is quite serious. He was [making grunting noises] when he was sleeping. Specialists were running in and out of the hospital – my missus was asleep – and he was being checked over. I had ten doctors coming in. I was like, dude, I’m not being funny, he just likes to make a lot of noise. And that’s carried on ever since, so he’s just become Bear. Children live out their name. He’s humongous.” – Liam Payne

As if the tiniest Directioner wasnt already adorable, this just makes it all that much more awe-worthy.

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