We’re Excited That A ‘Frequency’ Star Is Heading To ‘Life Sentence’

One thing that you can always count on with The CW – their actors will most likely appear on a different show. But being as we watch most shows on The CW, we’re okay with that.

We were sad when Frequency got cancelled, because we loved the show. We also loved the actors. So we’re excited that Riley Smith is heading to another CW show. Sure, it’s one that we haven’t seen yet, but it’s one we are looking for.

Smith has been cast as in a recurring role opposite Lucy Hale in Life Sentence.

Life Sentence tells the story of a girl who has thought she was dying and there fore lived like she was. Only after doing that does she find that she’s not dying and she has to live with what happened during that time.

Riley will play “Will Grant, a rough-around-the-edges oncologist with a secret soft spot for his patients. When Stella (Hale) finds herself working closely with him, there is an undeniable chemistry between her and the good doctor, which poses a threat to her relationship with Wes (Elliot Knight) a man she married on a romantic whim when she thought she was terminally ill.”

Are you looking forward to Life Sentence?


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