Players of the Week – NFL Week 2

NFL Week 1 was weird, yes, but NFL Week 2 was …even weirder? It almost feels like every team that won in Week 1 lost in Week 2, though that is not the case. Different players had a chance to stand out this week, though, and though that certainly makes the league more entertaining, it also makes it harder to settle on a fantasy football team.

But, oh well. That’s the NFL for you. (And my team is 2-0, so really, I’m not complaining that much).

Here are our NFL Players of the Week for Week 2:


Offensive Player: Tom Brady, Q, New England Patriots

No one really thought the Patrios were dead, but to see Brady come back making plays with seemingly no recievers is still a reminder that he’s a damn fine quarterback, whether we love him or not.

Defensive Player: Denver Broncos Deffense

Ezekiel Elliott has 8 yards on nine carries. Talib returned an INT 103 for a touchdown. More importantly, the Broncos looked as dominant as they looked during their Superbowl-winning season.


Offensive Player: Atlanta Falcons Offense

The Superbowl hangover is a thing of the past for the Falcons, if it ever existed. The balanced Falcons offense was clicking on all cylinders as the team beat, arguably, one of their toughest opponents in the Packers.

Defensive Player: Tyrann Mathieu, S, Arizona Cardinals

Without that INT and if the Cardinals manage to lose that game against the Colts, the season is, if not over, pretty close to. Mathieu saved his team.

Agree? Disagree? Want to yell at me about how your favorite player was better? Share with us in the comments below!

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