Riverdale’s Latest Trailer Has Us Asking WTF Is Happening!

Nothing is ever perfect in Riverdale. Nothing will ever not be drama filled. Nothing will ever not keep you on the edge of your seat.

But hey, we’re about it.

The latest trailer for Riverdale, “Motive,” leaves us with more questions than answers though and has us asking what the actual fuck is going on? We’ve got questions.

In the trailer we see Archie being held at gunpoint and we’re not okay with that. We know that his father was shot and is in the hospital and to that we have to say  Dylan McKay Luke Perry can survive anything.

But why does the gang look like they are stuck in the 50s?

Why is Veronica is a wedding dress?

Who the hell is Archies Mama winking at?

Why does Cheryl think she’s saintly? Biotch is evil to the core.

Who the hell had plastic surgery and why?

When will we see who Betty’s brother is?

Does Cheryl understand that a hospital is not a catwalk?

Will Jughead be a serpent?

Who is in the shower together? What dirtiness are they washing off?

As you can see we have a lot of questions and we think that you will too. See the Motive Trailer below.

Riverdale returns October 11th.

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