‘Riverdale’ Star Camila Mendes Represent Shirt Is A Must Buy

Some of the least proud moments of my life entails moments where I have been a mean girl. But here’s the great thing in life. People can change. If any character on TV proves that it would be Veronica Lodge on Riverdale. 

We love that Camila Mendes can embrace that and has teamed with Represent to launch a shirt that will benefit a cause we love – The Kind Campaign.

The shirt shows Veronica Lodge looking very sassy in her plaid skirt and hands on her hips. Under the words “Reformed Mean Girl” take center stage.

The shirt is $24.99 and the sweatshirt is $39.99. Part of the proceeds go to The Kind Campaign, which brings “awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl “crime”.” 

We’re gladly giving our money to this cause. We can’t wait to rock the sweatshirt around NYC this winter.

Order your “Reformed Mean Girl” t-shirt/sweatshirt today. 

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