SEAL Team: More Than Just Missions Abroad

It’s less than a week until the SEAL Team heads off on their first mission. Less than a week, until we welcome David Boreanaz back onto our screens and into our living rooms, where his presence has been a familiar constant since 1997.

If there is one thing Boreanaz can inject into a series, aside from brooding good looks, it’s soul. Literally, as was the case, for Angel, the protective vampire who gained, and then lost, and then regained his soul. From Buffy, to Angel, to Bones, I have garnered faith through the years in Boreanaz’s ability to infuse his characters with emotion and warmth.
I expect no less of his SEAL Team character Jason Hayes.

Beyond The Battle Lines

A feeling of dissatisfaction can settle in when dramas emphasize the tactical side of military life. Many shows focus too intently on the warfare and on the relationships forged between team members during bellicose situations.

When the battle is over, and the war is won, the credits roll. But what happens next?

The Personal Toll

Show me the soldiers struggling with all they have seen and done, fighting to overcome battles with PTSD, while keeping their families together. In the scenes that unfold during the precious time in between missions, show me the realities of returning home, and the impact this career has on their loved ones.

With SEAL Team described by CBS as following both the professional and personal lives of the members of the Tier One team, I’m confident I’ve found what I crave. That here, it won’t just be the brotherhood bonds we follow each week, but also the familial aspects.

Conflict will be fought abroad, but it manifests its belligerent ways in other forms within the walls of a home. I anticipate a healthy dose of both types of friction from the talented SEAL Team writing room.

A Balancing Act

I’ll be watching for the clandestine missions, for reconnaissance operations, and offensive strikes. But I’m also here for the characters, for the relationships between team members, and their relationships with the people they must so often leave behind.

I’m here for physical conflict overseas, and familial conflict at home. And I’m here for the resolutions, in whatever forms we must accept them.

SEAL Team airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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