NFL Pick Em’ : Week 4

Week 4 of the NFL season is upcoming this week and it has been a very newsworthy week in football. “Take A Knee” protests happened during all of sunday’s games leading to many positive reactions and a few negative ones as well. However, once the anthem ended – the news became about how good the games were last week.

We saw a 61 yard game-winning Field Goal in Philly, a OT win with another classic Aaron Rodgers moment in Green Bay and upsets by the Bills and Bears. What comes next for the NFL in Week 4? Our writers Charles, Alyssa, Lizzie and Katherine try to figure that out with our predictions!

Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers (TNF)

Alyssa: Packers 24, Bears 17 – If only the Bears’ ground attack could carry its anemic offense every week. I expect more powerhouse running from the Bears, but this is Aaron Rodgers. He always finds a way to beat the Bears.

Lizzie: Packers 34, Bears 21 – Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been lights out, but Mike Glennon is still the Bears QB.

Charles: Packers 21, Bears 14 – A close battle between rivals will be determined by who has the better quarterback. Advantage: Packers.

Katherine: Packers 31, Bears 20 – The Bears played well last week, but I don’t think they’ll be likely to repeat over Aaron Rodgers.

New Orleans Saints vs. Miami Dolphins

Alyssa: Dolphins 24,Saints 21 – If the Dolphins run game can find itself again against a less-than-impressive Saints defense, their offense should shine.

Lizzie: Saints 24, Dolphins 21 – The Saints defense sucks – what else is new? Their offense, however, doesn’t. Meanwhile the Dolphins have no identity.

Charles: Dolphins 17,Saints 14 – Going with an upset here as Miami will win in a defensive? struggle.

Katherine: Saints 24, Dolphins 17 – I’m giving the edge to the Saints this week because the Dolphins don’t seem be clicking, and while New Orleans has their own issues I think they’re the favorites in this one.

Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans

Alyssa: Titans 27, Texans 21 – This should be an intriguing match-up between two young quarterbacks in Marcus Mariota and Deshaun Watson. But I’ve gotta give the edge to the Titans.

Lizzie: Titans 27, Texans 21 – I flipped a coin and that’s why I picked the Titans.

Charles:Titans 31, Texans 29 – Something tells me that Titans are ready for a run. A run to the playoffs.

Katherine: Texans 27, Titans 24 – Mariota and Watson is going to be an intriguing matchup of the young quarterbacks. But after watching the Texans very nearly beat the Patriots last week gives me confidence in the Texans.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New York Jets

Alyssa: Jaguars 31, Jets 17 – The Jaguars are definitely one of the early surprises this season with an impressive defense and a decent offense that should easily take care of the Jets.

Lizzie: Jaguars 31, Jets 14 – The Jets suck and the Jaguars, surprisingly, don’t.

Charles: Jaguars 30, Jets 17 – Jaguars are very good and the Jets are not. Nuff Said. I know this is what Lizzie said but come on. You try to analyze a Jags/Jets game.

Katherine: Jaguars 24, Jets 13 – The Jaguars are coming off a dominant performance against the Ravens in London, and though the Jets just beat the Dolphins I don’t think they’re likely to beat the Jags.

Carolina Panthers vs. New England Patriots

Alyssa: Patriots 34, Panthers 13 – The Panthers are stuck in a rut. And there’s no way that they’re getting out of it against the Patriots.

Lizzie: Patriots 24, Panthers 10 – Ugh, the Patriots. Ugh, Tom Brady. But that’s just a personal ugh, while the Panthers are actually ugh.

Charles: Patriots 34, Panthers 13 – Somehow Brady will throw for 4+ TDs again and I will silently rage about it again.

Katherine: Patriots 37, Panthers 20 – The Panthers struggling offense meets the Patriots struggling defense, this is either going to go really well for one of the teams or they’ll cancel each other out and the game will rest on Tom Brady, who has been pretty good this year.

Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings

Alyssa: Lions 27, Vikings 20 – The Lions fell a yard and 8 seconds short of being 3-0. While division games can go either way, the Lions are surely looking to take out their anger against their division foes.

Lizzie: Lions 27, Vikings 17 – The Lions take revenge.

Charles: Lions 23, Vikings 13 – Lions should have won last week. This week they won’t have to worry about it being close.

Katherine: Lions 24, Vikings 17 – The Lions were very nearly 3-0 this week but sit at 2-1 now and I think they’ll use that to fuel their performance against Minnesota.

Buffalo Bills vs. Atlanta Falcons

Alyssa: Falcons 31, Bills 14 – The Bills took down the Broncos, but the Falcons are about to bring them back down to Earth.

Lizzie: Falcons 28, Bills 20 – The Bills are not as bad as they’ve looked at this this year, but the Falcons are better than they seem.

Charles: Falcons 30, Bills 23 – A big points game and nothing is stopping the Falcons right now.

Katherine: Falcons 34, Bills 10 – The Falcons are just too good for the Bills to deal with.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens

Alyssa: Steelers 21, Ravens 20 – Both of these teams are coming off disappointing losses to teams they probably shouldn’t have lost, so both will be fighting for redemption. This game will come down to a kick.

Lizzie: Ravens 21, Steelers 20 – This is just what I want to happen, basically.

Charles: Ravens 13, Steelers 9 – This game features two wounded teams and this will be a scratch and claw for every point match-up.

Katherine: Ravens 24, Steelers 21 – Both the Steelers and the Ravens were embarrassed last week, add that to the rivalry between the two teams and we are sure to get a close game.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns

Alyssa: Bengals 17, Browns 10 – The Bengals finally scored an offensive touchdown last week. And they’ll score two against the Browns, who will find themselves staring down an 0-4 hole.

Lizzie: Bengals 17, Browns 10 – I mean, the Bengals are not great this year, but the Browns are the Browns.

Charles: Bengals 20 , Browns 20 – Yep, I’m predicting a tie. Why not?

Katherine: Browns 10, Bengals 7 – Good news, someone will leave this game with a win! (Hopefully…)

Los Angeles Rams vs. Dallas Cowboys

Alyssa: Cowboys 24, Rams 20 – My heart tells me to take the Rams, but my head tells me go with the Cowboys. Why am I listening to me head here?

Lizzie: Cowboys 27, Rams 24 – Close game, but I think the Cowboys win this one.

Charles: Cowboys 31, Rams 21 – Rams are much better but Dallas is recovered from their early stumble.

Katherine: Rams 34, Cowboys 26 – This one’s a tossup but I’m going with the Rams, since they have been putting up more points this year so far.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Alyssa: Chargers 24, Eagles 21 – This is the week the Chargers finally get their first win. And if it’s not, then things are about to get even uglier than they already are in Los Angeles.

Lizzie: Eagles 24, Chargers 21 – And the pain continues for the Chargers.

Charles: Eagles 20, Chargers 17 – Chargers get disappointed once again late.

Katherine: Eagles 30, Chargers 17 – The Chargers  just can not get it done this year, no matter how close they get.

New York Giants vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Alyssa: Giants 17, Buccaneers 14 – Both Eli Manning and Jameis Winston have had less than stellar starts to their season. The question is: Who will suck less enough for their team to sneak out a win?

Lizzie: Buccaneers 17, Giants 10 – I want to pick you Eli, I do, but you keep letting me down.

Charles: Giants 21, Buccaneers 13 – Something just tells me this will be the Giants day. I have no clue why I am being told this.

Katherine: Buccaneers 24, Giants 10 – Jameis Winston > Eli Manning

San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

Alyssa: Cardinals 23, 49ers 17 – The 49ers certainly surprised me last week as Brian Hoyer got into a shootout with Jared Goff and the Rams. But Hoyer’s performance is like a unicorn — rare and unlikely to happen again in the foreseeable future.

Lizzie: Cardinals 17, 49ers 14 – This one’s a tossup, but the 49ers probably won’t win. Karma and all that.

Charles: Cardinals 24, 49ers 23 – Cardinals need a big win bad. This is where they get it.

Katherine: 49ers 17, Cardinals 14 – I’m doing it, giving the 49ers the win, they showed they were capable of putting up points last week, now maybe it’s time for them to show us that they can win.

Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos

Alyssa: Raiders 24, Broncos 21 – I’m following my Derek Carr-loving heart on this one. But it could go either way.

Lizzie: Broncos 31, Raiders 24 – The Broncos really, really want this game. I think the defense pulls it off.

Charles: Raiders 28,Broncos 20– Went with my head here instead of my heart.

Katherine: Broncos 37, Raiders 34 – This one could quite actually go either way, it should be a good game.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Seattle Seahawks (SNF)

Alyssa: Seahawks 20, Colts 13 – The Seahawks have been less than stellar this season. But under the lights at home against an Andrew Luck-less Colts squad should hopefully be enough to get the Seahawks to .500.

Lizzie: Seahawks 21, Colts 14 – No Andrew, no luck.

Charles: Seahawks 34,Colts 12 – A ugly game dominated by a pissed-off Seahawks team.

Katherine: Colts 24, Seahawks 12 – The Seahawks are struggling to put points up this year and Jacoby Brissett is a welcome addition in Indy.

Washington Redskins vs. Kansas City Chiefs (MNF)

Alyssa: Chiefs 34, Redskins 24 – The Chiefs are rolling this year. I fully expect rookie phenom Kareem Hunt to continue running over the history books. Kansas City is a fun team to watch.

Lizzie: Chiefs 27, Redskins 24 – The Chiefs just look too strong to lose this game.

Charles: Chiefs 23, Redskins 14 – Kansas City wins as they show they are a great regular season team. Kareem Hunt might be the spark they need to make them a great postseason team.

Katherine: Chiefs 34, Redskins 17 – The Chiefs have yet to fall short this year and I don’t see a team that beat down on the Patriots to fall to the Redskins.

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