Exclusive Cover Reveal: ‘The Fandom’ by Anna Day

You know us, we love books. We can’t wait for the latest and the greatest – something that is going to pique our interest.

We’re excited to debut the cover for The Fandom by Anna Day. You know that we love fandoms, so it just seemed like the perfect fit.

Violet and her squad are at Comic Con, cos-playing as characters from their favorite series, Gallows Dance. They are super excited to meet more of the fan community and squee together over the actors from the movie version. Then BAM! The friends are transported into the dystopian world of their beloved stories. This rupture between the worlds causes the death of the series heroine and Violet is thrust into her place, following the threads of the plot that lead to violence, rebellion and possibly to death on the gallows themselves. Will the friends survive this unexpected and dangerous reboot of their fave fandom and get back to their own world?

The book sounds like we didn’t get the full Comic Con experience, because we have yet to be transported to Mystic Falls where Stefan Salvatore will leave Caroline for us. Or hell, we didn’t get transported to Chicago where Four was ready to kick some ass for us. Then again, we probably would have been factionless.

Are you ready for the cover?

What do you think of the cover?

Anna Day is a debut novelist who was shortlisted for the Times of London/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition in 2015. Prior to writing professionally, Anna studied psychology at university and worked as a Clinical Psychologist with people with disabilities. She grew up in the North East of England and lives there now with her two children. Follow her @anndayauthor on Twitter.

The Fandom will be available April 2018 from Scholastic Books. Be sure to add it to your Goodreads shelf!

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