‘Grey’s Anatomy’ 14×1/14×2 Review: Break Down The House/ Get Off The Pain

Ah yes, the wait is finally over. Grey’s Anatomy is back for Season 14 and I couldn’t be happier.

During the two hour season premiere, her presence sure brings out a lot of interesting storylines to unfold for this season. We were told Season 14 is going to be a lighter season, which will bring you back to the feels of the earlier seasons – the ones that made me fall in love in the show in the first place. But when you thought the premiere was going to end on a nicer note, we were in for a surprise after a wild revelation comes to light.

We’ll get to that shortly, but first let’s break down some moments  of the premiere!

Paging Dr. Teddy Altman. She’s back!

It’s so good to see a familiar face back on the show again. I have, in fact, missed Teddy. Her return is definitely going to be a lot more interesting now especially with the fact that even years from now, Owen is still her favorite person and that will never change. I kind of want something to happen between them, but uhhh he’s still married to Amelia which – I haven’t been fond of the relationship since the start. Will Teddy stir some trouble up? I mean, it was funny when some of the doctors didn’t know who she was. I’m excited to see where she’ll fit in all of this, this season.

Jo and Alex. Be still my little heart.

Alex has been my guy since the start of it all, and I’ve always rooted for his happiness. Him being the underdog and all. But he’s been through enough, and yes he’s made mistakes in the past but he has always been redeemable. After the whole debacle that occurred with Jo, Alex, and DeLuca last season, things were just a mess for Alex. But now, I believe he deserves happiness and a damn good storyline for himself this season. Jo and Alex are great, I like them. It’s different between then and I just hope after that reunion they had together, it will grow to something more. Please, please, let Alex have a rocking storyline this season, Shonda!

Sub Interns? Do they even go here?

Also, it’s so clear that April is still feeling lost and confused at what happened in Montana, and shoot I was too! If they’re living together and have a a daughter together, can’t some type of reconcilation occur already? April breaking down and telling Jackson how she felt about it all was heartbreaking. I need them together again. JAPRIL! JAPRIL!


Okay, I’m sure you all are as shocked and surprised as I was. And I kind of take back my dislike of Amelia now. I feel bad. Amelia…has a brain tumor. Wow.

What a way to set the tone for her character this season and I’m just thinking about what this will mean for her, for Owen, and even Meredith. That tumor looks huge and it’s been probably growing for a while now. Maybe that counts for the odd personalities Amelia’s been having since like…season 13? I didn’t think they would bring a tumor storyline back up again with one of the main cast members. I mean, we went through it with Izzie and Derek and now, with Amelia?

Will this bring Amelia and Owen closer together? How will this shift the dynamic of Amelia and everyone around her with this revelation? What a wild way to ring in the new season.

Other things:

  • “If you want to be a shark be a shark.” CRISTINA YANG SAID THAT SAME LINE IN SEASON 1. I MISS HER SO MUCH.
  • Watching Ben be Jo’s new Stephanie was hilarious. He can ,however, make for a great wingman!
  • I thought everyone knew what being “ghosted” was. C’mon Arizona, you’re not THAT old.

Check out the promo for next week’s episode, Season 14 Episode 3 right here:

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/9c on ABC.

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