‘Will & Grace’ Is Back! Lets Break Down The Season Premiere

Will and Grace is back and they aren’t afraid to go there. Now, let me say this – I didn’t watch Will and Grace the first time around. So maybe, just maybe I would have loved it more if I had watched the first 8 seasons. However, that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the return of Will and Grace.

But let’s break it down.

Addressing That Other Series Finale

I totally get that when you don’t know what to do, making it seem like a dream is a way out. But I will admit, that being as I didn’t watch it the first time around, I had to go back and watch the series finale.

And now I got what Karen meant about the kids and all. Look, if it was good enough for Dallas, it’s good enough for them. They pulled a Bobby Ewing.

Jack Is On A Level 10 All The Time

One of the greatest things about Will and Grace is Jack. Lord, Jack is hilarious and always at a 10. But that is the thing, he’s hilarious. He’s funny. I just really wish that “Just Jack” was still a thing. I didn’t even watch the first time around, but I knew what that was.

Jack and Will have the best sexual tension. Ultimately I would love for those two to be together.

Jack is amazing. Jack is hilarious. Jack is fucking fantastic.

I also love the relationship between Jack and Karen. Those two are friendship goals. But then again, so are Will and Grace. The chemistry between these four is fantastic.

Politics, Politics, and Hot Congressmen

Now, we get it. Will wants to make a change. BUT – does he want to make a change in the world or a change in his pants? Well that would be in his pants. Will’s been writing his Congressman who wants to basically dismantle the EPA. Now, Jack, who we all know seems to know everyone and yet always seems to never be getting anywhere, but that man has more connections than most.

Arriving at the White House, Will and Jack are so excited. See, Will wants to pull an Anderson Cooper and date a power gay. I can’t blame him, cause like the Congressman is hot, but hey, there is this whole ethics thing and in my opinion you can’t date someone with such shitty ethics.

At the White House, Will sees Grace in the Oval Office, because hey – Karen got her a job redoing the Oval Office. But Will’s a little pissed because hey, ethics. And Grace is pissed at Will, cause hey ethics.

Friendship Breakups And Makeups

Will and Grace fight and hey, here’s the thing – when you are so close with someone, fights happen. They take shots at each other. The thing is Will and Grace go deep and angry, and yet they know – that at the end – they are going to be there for each other.

Grace makes it seem like she’s leaving. She’s got her suitcase ready to go when Will gets home. They exchange words, makeup, and we find out Grace’s suitcase was never packed as Will picks it up to put it away.

Nothing was in there.

She knew the way that it was gonna go.

Things You Were Thinking Too

  • Karen is one the highest functioning alcoholics/addicts ever
  • They addressed the finale in a great way – but hey, not everything can have that Dallas edge.
  • Just Jack will be forever.
  • Will pulls off everything he’s in well.
  • Lord, Grace and the Cheetos was hilarious.
  • Slang does not work on every show.
  • We all wanna be Grace, “low effort and high impact”
  • Where can we find an apartment like Will’s in NYC for cheap?
  • I’m so tired of Trump
  • What the hell is in the bowls on Will’s kitchen table?
  • Will needs new ties.
  • The Ryan scale needs to be adapted for everything.
  • Wait, what’s an Anderson Cooper?
  • There is no way I would take a job in the White House. Have higher standards Grace.
  • Why did Jack tilt his head every time he cracked where the congressman was online?
  • Who is Tony?
  • Why does Grace dress like she’s going to a funeral?
  • Can someone tame Grace’s hair?
  • Why all the boob jokes? If someone touches my boobs they are getting knocked out.
  • Seriously how does Karen function on that much alcohol and drugs?

Episode MVP

Sean Hayes. Sean is amazing and absolutely lovable. He steals every scene he’s in. I want a Jack in my life.


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