The 1D Chronicles: Week Ending 09/30/17

The lads are all on stages and performing their solo work, and while it is sad to see them not together, playing off each other and the endless banter, it does give us 4 times the fun! With sold out tours, iHeart performances, and endless opinions on Harrys clothing, even with the hiatus there is still plenty going on in the world of 1D

Here are the 1D Chronicles for the week ending September 30, 2017.


Harry is already a week in to his first ever solo tour, and each show seems to have its own special feel. Fans are just as exuberant with solo Harry as they were with 1D Harry, and Harry is just as off the wall, enthusiastic and polite as ever. As if we would expect any different?

Harry has also taken to doing covers of various songs as part of his setlist, and one in particular seemed to set some fans into a frenzy. His cover of Little Big Towns ‘Girl Crush’ had fans talking for days following, and so far, I havent heard a single bad review of his show.

His clothing choices are continuing to receive mixed reviews, with an overload of Gucci color. Again, as if we would expect any different?


Credit: Just Jared

Despite his happy go lucky nature, Niall is also a sensitive soul. He recently canceled his Mexico City show on his world tour in light of his aunts death, as well as the recent earthquake suffered in the area. He promises he will come back and treat the fans to his music once everything is safe for everyone involved.

After appearing at iHeart Music Festival last weekend, Niall has continued with his appearances all over the US. He admits he is loving playing his own music, and that it has a much more personal feel.

“I wanted this album to be completely personal, and therefore the best way for me to get what I wanted out of the songs was to write them with friends.” – Niall, Rolling Stone


A recent interview with Payno has revealed that he was not in his best health while touring with the band. Due to the intense schedule and always touring, he picked up habits of drinking that were maybe a little overboard.

“I went through a real drinking stage, and sometimes you take things too far,” – Liam, The Telegraph

With the increased incidences of mental health issues among youth stars, such as Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber, Liam admits that he can totally relate to the issues the lifestyle can exacerbate.

“It was just gig to hotel, gig to hotel. And you couldn’t sleep, because [fans would] still be outside. People were speaking to me about mental health in music the other day, and that’s a big issue. Sometimes you just need some sun, or a walk.” – Liam, The Telegraph

He admits, however, that he is now at his 100% and in a much healthier place in his life. With his solo work, girlfriend Cheryl by his side, and baby son Bear, he is much happier.


Credit: Just Jared

The Tommo was the third member of 1D to take the stage at this years iHeart Music Festival, and it was a blast for all to see. Signing on as a last minute performer, he stepped out with Bebe Rexha to to perform Back to You to the enthusiastic crowd.

Recently, Rexha spoke about Louis in an interview, saying their collaboration was very connected and not just all business. That their first encounter was very down to earth, and now he feels like a brother to her.

“The second I met him, he was kind to me and my team. He’s just cool. I don’t feel nervous around him — he’s like a friend now, and it’s cool to work with friends.” – Bebe Rexha


We are sure that more 1D events will occur over the next week, and we will be here to get you caught up with the next instalment of the 1D Chronicles!


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