Wattpad Announces 2017 Watty Winners

Wattpad has no shortage of inspirational and talented writers utilizing its platform. No matter your preference, you will find it within their links; genre, length, sexuality, maturity, cartoon, real life, it doesnt matter. It is there.

But with all these endless options it can sometimes he hard to pick out the best stories to read. A needle in the haystack feeling at times, users can spend just as much time searching stories as they do reading them.

This is where Wattpad takes control, and awards those who have created something great. The stories that stand out, make an impact, and say something different from the rest, is what the Watty awards is searching for.

The annual Wattpad awards are given out in the fall to those stories which Wattpad HQ and staff feel earned the right to add the coveted badge to their covers, and this year’s winners definitely deserve their new titles as Wattys Award Winners.

Categories included The Originals, The Riveting Reads, The Breakthroughs, The Newcomers, The Storysmiths, and The Tap Award. With this many categories, 10 winners in each, you are certain to find something (or many) that suits your literary pallet.

Check out the winners lists HERE and congrats to all the 2017 Watty authors and stories!

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