Wattpad Joins Forces with eOne to Bring Stories to Screen

Wattpad has established itself as a social media, writing powerhouse, delivering some of the most visionary writers of this generation to the mainstream literary market. Giving potential and aspiring authors a platform for their work like no other; to not only post and have people read their ideas, but to comment, vote, feature and help launch the careers of incredible new talent every day.

Partnerships with Big 5 publishing houses such as Hachette and MacMillan have already been established, as well as media outlets like Universal, Paramount, and a list and just keeps growing month by month. And the latest step in this interconnectivity between Wattpad and media is a new deal with eOne, to bring stories to screen and virtual reality.

eOne has their eye on some of the popular fan fiction stories, hoping to translate that popularity from the page to the screen. Film, TV and virtual reality, eOne is going to bring Wattpad writers stories and dreams to life. Wattpad themselves with help curate those stories, working through the 400 million stories to find the gems the Toronto based media company is looking for.

“The powerful data and insights from Wattpad will allow us to tap into the new generation of authors and gives us early access to captivating proven stories and characters,” Jocelyn Hamilton, eOne

There is no doubting the power of Wattpad and their ability to cultivate great writing talent, and now launch more than just writing careers for their users. With deals such as this, more opportunities will continue to come forward for Wattpads top talent, and we cant wait to see the products of these ventures.

Congrats Wattpad and eOne!

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