The Cover For Tahereh Mafi’s ‘Restore Me’ Has Been Released

We’ve always been addicted to the Shatter Me series, because it’s genius. Tahereh Mafi’s writing is just absolutely beautiful.

That’s why we were excited that she decided to write more in the series and today EW released the cover for the newest book, Restore Me.

And it’s f*cking beautiful.

Restore Me will be told from the dual POVs of Juliette and Warner,” she teased to EW back in April. “Readers who’ve read Warner’s novella, Destroy Me, will understand how distinct his voice is from Juliette’s, and how his perspective can provide a much-needed balance to Juliette’s interior world. It was really interesting — and, I think, critical to the book — to do a deep dive into their very different minds.”

We know that we’re going to get three more books in the Shatter Me series, Restore Me being the first of those three.

Also released was an excerpt from the book. Read it on EW here. 

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