NFL Pick Em’ : Week 5


Can you believe that we are already a quarter of the way through the 2017 NFL Season? In that time a few patterns have come to light : The Browns stink again (Not shocking), the Chiefs might be the best team in the NFL (a little shocking) and the Patriots are a .500 team (now that is surprising)

As you can suspect with all these shocks and surprises that picking NFL games has become a little tougher than usual. Well no worries as Charles, Alyssa, Lizzie and Katherine will give it our best shot (or guess) as we try to pick the winners for Week 5 of the NFL 2017 season!!

New England Patriots vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (TNF)

Alyssa: Patriots 31, Buccaneers 27 – The Patriots’ defense has given up 30+ points in three of its first four games. Perhaps they’ll finally keep a team under 30. But just barely.

Lizzie: Patriots 31, Buccaneers 28 – I want to pick the Bucs, but I don’t know that even with a sucky ass defense the Pats lose two in a row.

Charles: Patriots 27, Bucs 21. – Pats’s defense right now is not very good but think it can survive a tough one in Tampa.

Katherine: Patriots 34, Buccaneers 24 – The Patriots defense is struggling like they haven’t in a long time. They’re gonna get a tough game in Tampa but Tom Brady will pull it off this week.

New York Jets vs. Cleveland Browns

Alyssa: Jets 21, Browns 10 – Yawn. The Jets suck less, so there’s that.

Lizzie: Jets 17, Browns 10 – At least the Browns are still bad?

Charles: Jets 20, Browns 7 – Browns really ,really stink.

Katherine: Jets 20, Browns 10 – The only thing that makes sense in the NFL this year is that the Browns suck…

Carolina Panthers vs. Detroit Lions

Alyssa: Lions 34, Panthers 27 – The Panthers might’ve beaten the Patriots, but they’re facing Matthew Stafford who’s itching to put up 30+ points after last week.

Lizzie: Lions 28, Panthers 27 – I expect points. Cam is looking healthier than he’s looked in a while, but Stafford is playing better right now.

Charles: Lions 38, Panthers 29 – Stafford is in a groove and he isn’t stopping that groove this week.

Katherine: Lions 28, Panthers 21 – The Panthers had their offense clicking against a struggling defense last week, but I think the Lions are going to be able to contain them better, and put up more points in the end.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Indianapolis Colts

Alyssa: Colts 17, 49ers 14 – Is Andrew Luck back yet so I can start caring again? That’s a no.

Lizzie: Colts 14, 49ers 10 – Who cares?

Charles: Colts 13, 49ers 10 – It would not shock me if this game went to overtime, therefore subjecting us to more of these awful teams.

Katherine: 49ers 13, Colts 10 – Giving this one to the 49ers because they have to win at some point, right?

Tennessee Titans vs. Miami Dolphins

Alyssa: Dolphins 17, Titans 10 – The Titans might be missing Marcus Mariota. The Dolphins offense has gone lifeless. I’m going to go with the Dolphins because I feel bad for my boy Jay Cutler.

Lizzie: Dolphins 20, Titans 13 – I’m only giving this to the Dolphins because who’s the Titans QB right now? That’s right. You don’t know either.

Charles: Dolphins 21,Titans 17 – Both teams had bad losses last week. I give the nod to the Dolphins strictly for being at home.

Katherine: Dolphins 17, Titans 13 – Without Mariota the Dolphins get the win here.

Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Alyssa: Bills 24, Bengals 10 – I will never doubt the Buffalo Bills again. Until they give me a legit reason to.

Lizzie: Bills 20, Bengals 7 – The Bills. Who would have thought?

Charles: Bills 22, Bengals 3 – Buffalo’s D is really good this year and this will be just another showcase for them.

Katherine: Bills 21, Bengals 7 – The Bills are the leaders in the AFC East at the moment (that is a weird thing to think), and the Bengals aren’t going to be the ones to knock them down.

Los Angeles Chargers vs. New York Giants

Alyssa: Giants 27, Chargers 20 – Finally, one of these winless teams gets a win! I’ve gotta give it to the Giants, who finally showed life offensively last week.

Lizzie: Giants 27, Chargers 20 – I’m not giving a game to the Chargers this year.

Charles: Chargers 24, Giants 21- Chargers can’t lose them all , can they?

Katherine: Chargers 27, Giants 20 – I’m hoping for a tie…

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Alyssa: Steelers 24, Jaguars 23 – This should be a close game, but I’ve got to give it to the Steelers, who have finally rediscovered their offense.

Lizzie: Steelers 28, Jaguars 24 – This one could go either way, I think, but I’m going against my heart and trying to use common sense. Hopefully that means the opposite comes true.

Charles: Jaguars 37, Steelers 33– A big-time scoring fest and I really like the Jags in this one.

Katherine: Steelers 31, Jaguars 24 – I think this one goes down to the wire but ultimately swings the Steelers way.

Arizona Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Alyssa: Eagles 24, Cardinals 14 – In a battle of the birds, Eagles > Cardinals right now.

Lizzie: Eagles 21, Cardinals 14 – Since when are the Eagles good?

Charles: Eagles 20, Cardinals 12 – Eagles are leading the NFC East and damn if Wentz is the real deal.

Katherine: Eagles 27, Cardinals 9 – I agree with Charles, Wentz looks really good right now.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Los Angeles Rams

Alyssa: Rams 28, Seahawks 24 – I’m absolutely loving what the Rams are bringing this season. Get ready for a 4-1 start!

Lizzie: Rams 31, Seahawks 21 – The Rams are actually good this time, while the Seahawks look like they’re out of ideas.

Charles: Rams 30, Seahawks 17 – Rams are always a tough battle for Seattle and this time a good Rams team vs this struggling Seahawks team could be trouble.

Katherine: Rams 35, Seahawks 20 – The Rams are 3-1 and the Seahawks are struggling…

Baltimore Ravens vs. Oakland Raiders

Alyssa: Ravens 17, Raiders 10 – No Derek Carr? No chance.

Lizzie:Ravens 17, Raiders 13 – No Carr, no luck.

Charles: Raiders 12, Ravens 10 – Even with Carr out, I give Oakland the nod on a tough as nails defense.

Katherine: Ravens 17, Raiders 6 – I think the Ravens will use the Carr-less Raiders to regroup and get a much needed win.

Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys

Alyssa: Packers 38, Cowboys 31 – Aaron Rodgers > Dak Prescott.

Lizzie: Packers 40, Cowboys 35 – Aaron is still a step above Dak.

Charles: Packers 44, Cowboys 39 – Points will be a plenty here in Big D so if you love offense and terrible defense, this is the game for you!

Katherine: Packers 38, Cowboys 21 – I think the Packers come into Texas and come away with this one.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Houston Texans (SNF)

Alyssa: Chiefs 34, Texans 30 – I’d love for Deshaun Watson to pull this upset off. I just don’t see it happening.

Lizzie: Chiefs 24, Texans 17 – I wish the Texans could win this game.

Charles: Chiefs 21, Texans 20 – Chiefs are on another level right now and Sunday night is a good night for this KC team.

Katherine: Chiefs 34, Texans 24 – The Chiefs are really really good this year and I’m not sure who is going to stop them…

Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears (MNF)

Alyssa: Bears 24, Vikings 17 – It’s Trubisky Time in Chicago! I’m going with my boy Mitch to bring a much-needed spark to this offense and team in his first start.

Lizzie:Bears 21, Vikings 17 – Just for you, Alyssa. Happy birthday.

Charles: Bears 19, Vikings 12– Picking Bears to win just for Alyssa since her boy Mitch is finally getting the nod.

Katherine: Vikings 21, Bears 17 – Sorry Alyssa, but I still think the Vikings come up with a hard fought win this week (even missing Dalvin Cook).

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