‘How To Get Away With Murder’ 4×02 Review: I’m Not Her

It’s only episode two of the fourth season of How To Get Away With Murder and things are already kicking it into gear this season and I’m loving it!

‘I’m Not Her’ follows the aftermaths of Annalise doing things solo as everyone else is left to fend for themselves without the person they’ve been through hell and back with. But I guess you learn to adjust to it sooner or later.


HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER – “I’m Not Her” – While Annalise reconnects with an important client from her past, she continues to struggle to move forward in her personal life. Meanwhile, the “Keating 4” find it difficult to move past their tarnished reputations; and in a flash-forward, details to a tragic crime begin to unfold on, “How to Get Away with Murder,” THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

Viola Davis is a phenomenal actress, and I can’t stress that enough more that I already do. Never will I not have goosebumps when Annalise Keating slays it in the courtroom. Never.

As she defends her past cellmate, Jasmine, in court you can see how much she’s so damn good at her job, how she shakes up the courtroom with her fierceness. But through it all, we learn about Jasmine’s past which is utterly heartbreaking and more so learning that the justice system failed her all this time breaks your heart even more.

How To Get Away With Murder does well in not shying away from raw and sensistive issues and all kinds of issues that occur in the world. And in this particular episode, learning about Jasmine’s story will have you teary-eyed.

Kudos to L. Scott Caldwell for her performance. Truly.


As we get to see more scenes between Annalise and her new psychiatrist who goes by Issac Roa, Annalise starts to open up more. We all know how hard it is for Annalise to do that as she’s able to keep a stoic presence most of the time. But what really surprises me is when her and Issac begin to really talking and he shares a personal thing about himself that has feeling weary.

Not that she’s going to marry him like she did with Sam, but her mentioning how them two got together when it all started from their sessions as a practitioner and client has Issac SHOOK, for a lack of better words. Yeah, don’t go there man.

But you know what? Annalise was honest about that. Everything out in the table, and her mentioning that shows that she most certainly isn’t going to make the same mistake twice.


The Keating 4 attend the Middleton Career Fair and they’re all sweating for their life, knowing that it’ll be extra hard on them now with finding a firm to intern/work at with their history with Annalise.

Michaela is not going down without a fight, that girl is determined to be the best lawyer that she can be.

“I learned so much from Professor Keating. But the most important thing she taught me is the exactly kind of lawyer I don’t want to be.”

You gotta do what you gotta do to make it for yourself and Michaela is trying to put it behind her, even if it means talking about Annalise like that.

I’m getting a feeling that Connor isn’t up for being a lawyer anymore. He just seems so less enthusiastic and all. Or maybe it’s just a bump in the road, but we don’t want to see him throw it all away. You can do this, Connor.


What I loved about this episode is that Laurel told Michaela the truth about her father! I’m so glad they decided to have this reveal in the second episode, way to kick it up a nautch! No one wants a dragging reveal when they all deserve to know what happened. At least Michaela knows now and it’s about to be a huge game-changer. Time to take down Papa Castillo, and who better than having beast mode Michaela on your side. Well let’s see how Michaela really reacts to it in the next episode first.


Someone body is missing. There is blood smeared in the elevator. Where you at girl?

Other thoughts:

  • This episode was better than the premiere. Whoa.
  • Sooo are like Nate and Bonnie forming some kind of an alliance now? Just please don’t have them hook-up. That’s all I ask.
  • Poor baby Frank, he’s always going to be there for Annalise. Please forgive him already.
  • Laurel still bugs me. Stop treating Connor like trash.

How To Get Away With Murder Airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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