Oscar Jaenada Added to the Cast of ‘Chaos Walking’

We’ll be talking a lot about Chaos Walking, because we are excited for the film and can’t wait to see it brought to life.

And we’re not gonna even skirt around the fact that our fangirl hearts are excited that Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland are starring in the film.

The story takes place in a world where all the women have been killed off and all the people left can hear each others thoughts through a stream of words and images, called noise. I would be screwed if others could stream my thoughts in their head – just saying.

Tom Holland would play a boy who was forced to leave his town and comes across something he’s not used to seeing: a girl. This girl  may be the key to unlocking the New World’s many layered secrets.

There was an addition to the cast, Oscar Jaenada has been cast in the Doug Liman directed movie.

Who will he play? Well that would be – Wilf, a drifter who plays a large role in Todd and Viola’s plot against Prentiss.

Are you excited for Chaos Walking?

Lionsgate will release Chaos Walking on March 1, 2019.

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