Sorry Archie and Jughead… Our Attention Has Been Diverted to Chic Cooper

Move over Archie and Jughead, there is a new hot guy coming to Riverdale. Lord, our mouths dropped at the site of this one – Chic Cooper has been cast and we’re trying to pick up our jaws from drooling over Betty’s brother.

Hart Denton – we don’t know who you are, but I assure you were are about to. Riverdale fans, look at the hotness below –

Who is he? Well he’s a newcomer with not much on his acting resume. He’s got two credits on IMDB, one for Lethal Weapon and one for something we’ve never heard of – Fun Mom Dinner? We’re wondering if that’s like Bad Moms, but only at dinner time?

Hart is totally going to fit in with the Coopers. That chiseled jaw line and that blonde hair.

When will we meet Chic Cooper? Not until midway during the season so now, we are totally impatiently waiting.

Veronica totally was right when she said Betty’s brother was a blonde Adonis. Lord, we are about it. Never mind us and our drool.

Riverdale returns this week on The CW.

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