‘The X-Files’ Releases First Season 11 Trailer

Season 11 of The X-Files is almost here.

I’m not hyperventilating. I’m not.

That’s a lie. I am. But it’s okay. If you clicked on this link, you probably are too. So take deep breaths with me. In, Out. In Out.

We’ve had it this far. We can make it to the premiere of Season 11. A trailer is not going to kill us.

It’s just going to severely compromise us.

Because, yes, after so many teases, what feels like so much waiting, we’ve got answers. Of course, with The X-Files, it’s not all the answers, but that’s okay. Some answers are good. Some answers are more than we had yesterday.

And answer number one seems to be yes, this is ALL about William. Also, flashbacks to young CSM, Scully in a hospital bed again, Barbara Hershey and a Mulder/Skinner fight!

To which I can only say: IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME.

Especially about the William thing, because God knows that’s been a loose end for too long.

Check out the trailer below and then come hyperventilate with me. Or, like, remain calm if that’s your thing. Just check it out.

What did you think? Are you excited? Are you rolling your eyes at William? Do you trust Chris Carter? Are you also wondering if Gillian and David discovered the key to eternal youth? Share with us in the comments below.

The X-Files returns to FOX in 2018.

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