The 1D Chronicles: Week Ending 10.14.17

Its that time again! Time to have a look at the week in the world of the One Direction lads. Each has been busy promoting their solo work, touring the world, and releasing singles, and we are here to get you all caught up on all things 1D.

Here is the 1D Chronicles for this week!


For once, Harry seems to be the one member who hasnt really surprised us with anything. Granted, he has been pretty busy on his solo tour, performing sold out shows in Texas and Arizona, finishing off the US leg of his tour. After a little break, he kicks off in Europe, bringing his special brand of awesome to Paris.


Nialler has decided to give us a little inside look at his life and the making of his solo album, Flicker, with an “On The Record” short film to be released by Apple on October 20, the same date as the album. The film gives you an insight in to what it would be like to be in the studio with Niall. What more could we want?

Well, for a few lucky fans, Niall will be hosting a special showing of the film in Los Angeles on October 19, as well as performing the 10 tracks from the album for those lucky ducks. Niall is pretty excited with what he has produced, as he should be.

“I spent the last year and a half between the four walls of a studio and I’m ready to go and show how proud of the album I am.”


Liam has certainly been the busiest 1D member this week. He can now call himself a #1 selling artist in the solo world, as Strip That Down hits the top of the charts. And to top that off, rumor has it that Payno’s album will contain 10 tracks, and be released in January 2018. That will be an awesome kick off to the new year, I think.

The track listing hasnt been released yet, but it probably isnt too far off. We will keep you posted.


Tommo has a thing for teasing us, and just because hes working solo now doesnt seem to change that at all. Earlier this week he released a teaser for his next single, Just Like You, and it is a song he says ‘sums him up’

“My next single will be a bit later this year but I wanted to share this with you now… This is one of my favourites from the album. Conceptually I think it sums me up!”

Check out the snip HERE

Check back next week for more 1D Chronicles!

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