‘Blue Crush’ Being Turned Into a TV Series and We’re About It

Blue Crush the TV series? Umm… take all my money.

That’s right, the 2002 movie is in the early stages of being turned into a series on NBC. Yes, I know we’re not going to get the original cast back, but like I am okay with that.

I remember when I first watched Blue Crush. I wanted to become a surfer and move to Hawaii. I thought that it was so cool.

There are times that I love a movie so much and want to scream if someone wants to touch a movie. I think that sometimes you just need to leave it alone. But there are times where I can actually hop on board when they want to make changes or redo it in someway.

So I can get on board with them doing something with Blue Crush. Why? Because the story motivated me to dream and for me that means that I want more of the story.

I am okay with new actors. I am okay with diving deeper into the story. I am excited with seeing more of the characters that I loved. I can’t wait for the possibility of seeing more surfing competitions.

NBC is working with Imagine Entertainment to develop the series.

Would you like to see Blue Crush, the series?

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