Fangirlish’s FEELS of the Week – October 8th to October 14th

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week


Lyra: Eretria on The Shannara Chronicles. Since it’s move to Spike, I’ve been nervous. I knew that a year would have changed the characters I’ve grown to love in season one. (It’s an inevitable thing after such a long time separated.) That being said, I was afraid that they’d erase everything about her in an effort to take this character in the direction they wanted on the new network. A couple of minutes with Eretria and I knew I had been worried for nothing. This is still my rover. She is still that determined and crafty fighter who’s willing to put her life at risk, aka falling off horses and bridges, if it means taking care of some creatures that hurt innocents. And the only large difference between season one Eretria and season two Eretria is that she’s more loving and open with those around her, namely Lyria.

Lariel: My first instinct is to say Sara Lance, but I’ll be saying that often, I think. Instead, I’m going with Supergirl. Loved her leaving the bad guy stranded on top of a container ship in the middle of the ocean!

Carme: Supergirl was not the only badass on this week’s premiere, Lena Luthor did a pretty good job too. I literally screamed every time she confronted Morgan Edge as the badass businesswoman she is, and buying CatCo was just the cherry on top.

Jade: As much as I adored Sara kicking ass like she always does on Legends of Tomorrow, I have to give this one to Iris on The Flash. Devastated due to missing Barry and too scared to hope she’d ever get him back, she still kept herself – and the team – together and led the team as they fought to save the city. (For the record, I vote for Team VibeFlash.)

Erin: For me it was Kara on Supergirl. I know, I know, she’s kinda being umm… well she’s broken so one can’t expect her to be perfect. But here’s why she’s my hero – because she allowed herself to break down and start spewing her truth. And I am so proud of her for being strong and yet vulnerable. I am so inspired by that.

Lizzie: Caitlin Strucker, on The Gifted. And she’s not strong because she kicked ass or because she did the right thing or because she put herself in harm’s way to do so, but because she recognized the hypocrisy in her own way of thinking re: mutants and sought to change it. It takes a strong person to grow – and that’s what Caitlin Strucker did.

OTP of the Week


Lyra: Eretria and Lyria on The Shannara Chronicles. Besides Wynonna Earp’s Wayhaught, there really aren’t a lot of lesbian couples on TV right now that show the level of affection that these two have for each other. They teased, touched, healed, and were extremely aware of the other’s presence around them. And when the time came for Eretria to follow her destiny and find Wil, she didn’t back down and neither did Lyria. These two women are partners and you don’t leave your homies, aka your lovers, alone.

Kayla: KARAMEL! The opening scene of the season 3 premiere of Supergirl had all my feels for this beautiful couple come back. It’s such a beautiful scene. Not a word had to be spoken. Chris Wood and Melissa Benoist nailed it. I was NOT expecting that kiss. It’s just a beautiful scene. I must say even from wherever he is, the love and connection that Kara and Mon-El have brought Kara to realize that she can still grieve, but live her life too. I also was not expecting the “Wake Up!” scene. I think I cried. I do believe those two words will be iconic for Karamel now. Just one more thing. He was wearing the necklace. When I noticed it under his shirt, I about passed out. It also makes me think that this is some sort of vision and not a dream as Kara suspects.

Jade: Not everything is about Westallen, but this week it is on The Flash. Iris struggled so hard to remain strong in his absence, and she was so scared when it seemed that they brought him back only to find that the man she’d loved was gone. When he managed to snap out of it to rescue her and they kissed in the field…it was definitely a movie moment.

Carme: It kinda surprises me the love I have developed for Supergirl’s Sanvers. I went from just not caring about their relationship to almost crying over all their wedding details. When Maggie asks Alex if she doesn’t want to marry her I was holding my breath without even knowing, just too scared to hear Alex’s answer. So yes, this week’s episode made me realize how much I love Sanvers and how proud I am of their relationship.

Erin: Jamie and Claire. Lord, Outlander gave me all the feels and it made me rejoice when those two came back together. I love this show so much, and for us to be able to see just how amazing these two humans are together has been something I have been waiting for. I missed them and even though it left on a cliffhanger, I am here for it. I am about it. Cause Lord, I missed these two.

Lizzie: Captain Swan, on Once Upon A Time. For old time’s sake, maybe. It is, after all, quite possibly the last time. And, despite all the nonsense surrounding them – they got their happily ever after. Together.

Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS


Lyra: Alex asking J’onn to walk her down the aisle on Supergirl. It gave me the same feels that those videos on Youtube where the kids ask their step parents to legally adopt them do. (Look them up if you haven’t. It’s just as bad as the soldiers coming home videos.) I’m a sucker for found families and this is one that we’ve had the fortune to watch and WOULD LOVE TO SEE MORE OF!

Nora: The ENTIRE episode of Outlander this week falls into this category! I don’t know how I’ll handle the next episode because I’m already a mess. Brianna lets Claire go back through the stones to Jamie and it was heartbreaking. Watching Claire leave her daughter, possibly forever, and seeing Brianna make the heartbreaking decision to let her Mom go. It was emotional from start to finish. I cried so hard throughout this entire episode. Sophie Skelton and Caitriona Balfe just destroyed me. And then of course, there was the moment when Claire and Jamie finally locked eyes after 20 years a part. The tears were FLOWING! Outlander will be the death of me I swear to God.

Lariel: Oliver Queen sitting by his little sister’s hospital bed on Arrow. The Oliver/Thea dynamic was one of the things I originally adored about Arrow, and I never feel like I can get enough of it.

Kayla: This isn’t really feels in the positive, but a huge puddle of them for sure. On Once Upon A Time, I still have no clue how Emma, Regina, and Snow (or Hook or Charming) could Let Henry go off to another realm without any way to get home or to communicate to them. As they have been shown, it seems like they would have a backup plan for him, and not just Hook’s message in a bottle. It’s like a puddle of raging fire, but a puddle of feels, nonetheless. Why is this not my WTF? Because…I didn’t get that reaction to this moment. I was more like it made no sense…and caused a huge puddle of whatever it is.

Jade: Joe shaving Barry on The Flash, hoping it would make him feel like he was coming back to them – only for him to realize how lost Barry was.

Carme: Donna and Cam restarting their friendship on Halt and Catch Fire. Donna telling Cam she finished her game was enough for my feels, but that last moment talking outside and supporting each other just like the friends they are, it was just too much.

Erin: For me I cried through Riverdale. I love this show so much, but when I had to watch Archie and all he was going through, I collapsed inside. Poor guy, covered in his Dad’s blood, trying to just find a way to get through and prepare himself in case he has to say goodbye. Yup, I was done.

Lizzie: That conversation between J’onn and Alex on Supergirl. I have been where Alex is, and for her to allow herself to open up, for her to ask J’onn to walk her down the aisle, for her to have that presence in her life – I cried like a baby.

Superhero of the Week


Nora: I never thought I would talk about Archie as a Superhero, but here we are! Archie on Riverdale was just such a trooper in this episode (and also made me cry). He drives Fred to the hospital and tries to hold it together while his Dad is on the brink of death. And then at the end when he vows to always protect his Dad and he will do anything to make him feel safe again. Wow Archie, I never thought I could feel for you, but man you hit me right in the feels and became a superhero for me this week.

Kayla: Supergirl herself. She proved that despite the grief, that she can still take names and kick ass. She proved that she is not weak. Shutting off her emotions doesn’t make her weak.

Danielle: Kevin on This is Us. I usually don’t vouch or care too much for Kevin as a character. But on this episode with guest star Sylvester Stallone (!!!), Kevin really showcased his emotions. At first, I was mad that he blamed Kate for messing up his lines on set, but when he’d really sat down and thought back to those thoughts. He knew that he needed to let go of his grief from losing his father. Talking to his twin sister really helped get at least some of his thoughts out in the open. That’s the first step; admitting you have a problem, which makes him a superhero.

Jade: I can’t tell you who my superhero of the week is because there are so many. However, my supervillain of the week is whoever scheduled Lucifer to air opposite Supergirl on Monday nights, leaving me with the quandary of which half of my old OTP to watch – Smallville’s Clark Kent (Tom Welling, on Lucifer) or Lois Lane (Erica Durance, on Supergirl). Can the Legends of Tomorrow step in with their time travel antics and fix this one for me?

Erin: For me, it was Kevin on This Is Us. Why? Because he has to come to terms with being able to talk a little about his Dad and the effect that it was having on everyone around him. Like I know how hard it is to just talk about someone who is gone. It’s heartbreaking. No one wants to experience that pain. But the fact his wall cracked a little was enough for me to smile and then fall apart. I love the character progression on him.

Quote of the Week


Lyra: “You wouldn’t like me when I’m frosty.” – Killer Frost, The Flash

Nora: “I have been trying to figure out if I was more Randall or Fraser, and what I realised is that I’m more you than I am either of my Father’s, and if I can turn out to be half the woman you are, then I’ll be fine.” – Brianna, Outlander

Lariel: This may be the only time I quote Nate Heywood (Legends of Tomorrow). “Sometimes we screw things up for the better.”

Charles: “This House is Bitchin” – Cisco translating Barry’s secret code, The Flash

Kayla: “Grief doesn’t have a deadline.” – J’onn J’onzz, Supergirl

Jade: “I don’t usually suffer from premature unfurling.” – Lucifer when his wings make a surprise appearance, ruining his plans for the evening, Lucifer

Danielle: “There’s no such thing as ‘a long time ago’, there’s only the memories that mean something, and the memories that don’t.” – Sylvester Stallone, This is Us

Erin: Danielle put the one I was going to – so, we will go with that.

Lizzie: What Kayla said. Yes.

WTF Moment of the Week


Kayla: Alex in Supergirl. The scene where Alex goes to Kara and tells her to that she wants to help her “get over [Mon-El]” just made me so mad. Where have you been for the past 6 months, Alex? Where were you when Kara needed you? This scene shows that she wasn’t there for Kara. She doesn’t know the extent that this loss means to Kara. All the abandonment issues coming to the surface. Alex doing this DOES NOT help at all. WHERE IS THE ALEX DANVERS THAT I FELL IN LOVE WITH? Not here. She wasn’t a good sister to Kara. She was very selfish. I really didn’t much care for it, despite the fantastic acting from Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh.

Lariel: Rip? You turned Gideon OFF? What the HELL were you thinking? Actually, lots of WTF about the Legends of Tomorrow premiere for me. I don’t like the casting of the Legends as losers. Have the writers started hating the characters? It feels like it to me, as if the producing team is more in love with the idea of, “What kind of crazy things can we do?” than with the characters and how those crazy things make them grow. I’ve been having that feeling since last season.

Carme: I love Supergirl and I love Kara, and this new sad/angry Kara struggling with her emotions is all I could dream of as character evolution. But honestly, that moment when she starts saying that Kara Danvers was a mistake and that she was not human???? SERIOUSLY????? WTF??? Like I get that she is hurt and no one is actually helping her (Really Alex? Couldn’t agree more with Kayla) but this??? I just hope it was a one time thing because it made no sense at all.

Jade: I’m going to disagree with the lovely ladies above, because I didn’t read the scene as Alex saying she’d abandoned Kara, so my WTF is a little different. I think Alex had just given her space and not pushed for more than it seemed Kara wanted to give. I know when you’re trying to help someone who is dealing with grief or loss or depression, it isn’t always easy to know the right thing to do. Should you push for them to talk about it? Should you give them space? Should you encourage them to go out more? Should you leave them alone because they may not have the strength to leave the house? It’s not an easy situation at ALL, and I really felt for Alex – loving Kara and wanting to make it all better and not knowing HOW. (And, okay, maybe putting her foot in it about “getting over” him because that’s something Kara will have to do if he never is coming back, but that doesn’t make it easier to hear). My WTF is that after that conversation and Alex’s really touching admission that Kara is her favorite person in the world…we didn’t get a “sisters” moment at the end to wrap that up. Yes, we got a group scene (and since Kara pushed everyone away, I get why), but I’d have loved a sisters’ bonding moment to apologize (on both sides) and reconnect like we used to get in the first season.

Erin: The whole entire episode of Kevin Probably Saves the World. I like the show, but I always feel like I smoked something or ate something and am secretly high and having a bad reaction watching it.

Lizzie: I’m sorry Once Upon A Time, but what? Henry hasn’t come back to Storybrooke in who knows how long and that’s just ….fine? His very powerful mother isn’t doing anything to try to find him? His grandparents? It’s all fine and dandy? For that matter, did he ever try to contact them? And don’t give me the “it’s happening off-camera” excuse, because if it is, then the writers should AT LEAST be able to give me a line about it.

Agree? Disagree? Have another moment you think we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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