‘How To Get Away With Murder” 4×3 Review: It’s for the Greater Good

Just when last week’s episode had the ball rolling in terms of pacing, episode 3 tends to be a bit slow. We don’t really know much that’s going on.

And honestly, the big hint/teaser we usually get is during the last minute or two of each episode which is both sneaky and little tiresome sometimes.

On “It’s for the Greater Good”, we see Annalise take on another client this week that’s been unlawfully charged with a crime he didn’t commit. But as Annalise takes on these clients, we see that she’s trying to take on another approach on how she handles things. She’s trying to get better and do better at what she does.

I approve.

But as how last week’s episode’s client story was heartbreaking, this week’s fell on the same scale as well.

That Virginia lady did Ben dirty by keeping away evidence that could have freed him this time.

So remember how we left out with Laurel revealing to Michaela last time that her father is the one that killed Wes? I’m glad that Michaela seems to be on board now, given the proof that was given to her.

I think going to Michaela was a safe move on Laurel. But man, I can’t freaking stand her anymore. Not that I used to before, but now, I just can’t. When Annalise told her to stop acting like a child, I was glad she said it.

But Laurel mentioning to Annalise that her baby is boy is a low burn on Laurel’s part.

I’m seriously waiting on the day Laurel gets some character development on her own. You’re not the only person that is sad. Ugh.

The tone this season feels different. Everyone’s in a different position now. There is no more Annalise’s house and working together like they used to. Something tells me it’s going to be a major season for Bonnie as well.

I think she might go dark this season, because it pretty much looks like she’s doing her own thing now.

I’m interested in how that will pan out for her. Since she’s just been the person that usually cleans up the mess alongside Frank thus far. But this arc for her character will be interesting that can possible test her strayed relationship with Annalise.

Connor is so out of it this episode, like is he for real trying to give up all things law? He seems pretty down and even his friends can’t seem to make the lame feeling go away.

In the flashbacks towards the end of the episode, Michaela is the one with blood all over herself and saying that everyone around her dies. Do we think she’s talking about Laurel’s baby or somebody else that’s grown? She looked pretty broken.

Who could it be? Thus this is the beauty of the curiosity that comes with this show. Even though we want the hints to come to us so fast, it takes it time to really unfold.

This episode wasn’t as action packing but the suspense continues on.

How To Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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