Camila Mendes Talks Veronica’s Darker Side in Season 2 of ‘Riverdale’

Riverdale is our jam and after this seasons premiere, we know that we’re going to be more addicted than ever. We can’t even begin to imagine what the show has in store for the season.

But we do know that it will be much darker.

When talking to Teen Vogue, Camila Mendes talked about the upcoming season and Veronica’s darker side coming out.

“In comparison to last season, I think Veronica’s a little bit more grown up [this season]. I think we’re going to see her darker side a bit more, especially because her father has arrived,” she told the magazine.

We totally get it. Daddy issues are a bitch. So what is it like now that the big criminal cheese is back?

“He’s out of jail, he’s back in the family, and that kind of spices up their whole dynamic. Veronica has a specific relationship with her father. She resents him a little bit, but she also admires him and wants him to take her seriously. In this season, you’ll be seeing her try to become more part of the Lodge family, and her parents keeping her in the dark and keeping secrets from her, because they don’t want her to be involved in whatever shady business they’re doing.” she told the mag when talking about Papa-fresh-outta-jail Lodge.

“I think her darkness this season is coming from her willingness to be part of the dark world.”

Daddy issues are a bitch kids. We get it. We’re intrigued to see where Veronica goes this season. We can’t wait.

Riverdale airs on The CW.

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