‘The Shannara Chronicles’ 2×03 Photos: Graymark

The reunion we’ve been waiting for is here in The Shannara Chronicles “Graymark.” Wil and Eretria will be reuniting just in time to find Allanon. He’s been taken into The Crimson stronghold by General Riga and both have an interest in saving him. Allanon is powerless against Riga because of the magic suppressing collar he’s been made to wear. Good thing he’s got short  tips and a rover on his side.

Synopsis for “Graymark”:

Wil and Eretria prepare for a daring rescue within The Crimson stronghold.

Check out the trailer for “Graymark”:


Also check out this sneak peek of “Graymark” with Wil and Eretria:

The Shannara Chronicles airs Wednesdays on Spike at 10/9c.

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