Fangirlish’s FEELS of the Week: October 15th – October 21st

Welcome to another Sunday of talking about the shows that made us laugh, cry, go awww and, of course, look around and wonder what in the world was happening. If it made us feel things, whether they were good, or bad, then this is where we talk about it. This is where you tell us if you agree. This is where we let it all out.

So, without further ado, here are these week’s picks:

Badass Female Character of the Week

Kayla: Jacinda aka Cinderella on Once Upon A Time. This woman is very strong and resilient. Not your typical Disney princess! Not a damsel in distress. She lives by her own terms. I mean try putting up with her evil stepmother and you’d have to be. I just loved her so much in this episode. I think the scene that got me the most is when she got everyone to resign the petition and begin putting the garden back together after being forced to burn the original one by her stepmother.

Carme: Kara on Supergirl. She acknowledged her fears and feelings for the first time in six months, right in the middle of her battle with Psy. She relied on her sister in a difficult time, and despite having all that pressure on her shoulders, she knew how to move on and kick Psy’s ass, turning all that fear into strength and power. Simply amazing and inspiring. 

Jade: Maze on Lucifer. After two weeks without her (congrats to the actress on the new baby!), it was great to have her back – and she certainly brought out the badass in this episode. Not every character can make their friends fear for an entire country, but Maze justifiably does so. She really shined in this entire episode – both for her bounty hunter skills and for her incredibly adorable relationship with Trixie.

Lyra: Iris. The Flash. That gun. Intruder alert at Star Labs. Badass. Queen.

Lacey: Jaz, The Brave. Jaz got to show off her amazing sniper skills again this week and it. was. everything! Being the only female member of a special operations squad can sometimes be tough but Jaz holds her own every time. She has no fear and doesn’t back down. She’s killing it in combat boots and showing that girls are just as tough (if not tougher) than the boys! How much more badass can you get?!

OTP of the Week


Lizzie: Densi, on NCIS: LA. I know most of you aren’t watching this show, and yet you SHOULD BE, because these two are, probably, the most mature, adult relationship on TV. This week they had a talk about babies, which, normal for an engaged couple. The not so normal part? When HE offered to quit to take care of the kids, because why would he be selfish and ask HER to give everything up? She has a better job than him, and he can take care of the kids just as well. Be still my beating heart. Where can I get a Deeks? And where can I get writers who know how to write couples like this show has done? I need one for like, every other show on TV.

Kayla: Glass Believer (Henry and Cinderella) from Once Upon A Time. I probably will be using this ship a lot, but it earns it this week. As I’ve said before curse or no curse, there’s a spark and I totally ship it. I know they haven’t really been put together yet in the flashbacks, but I just really love them. All the references to it in the cursed realm…even the broken glass slipper makes me just have so many feels.

Carme: Eclaris (Marcos and Lorna, or Eclipse and Polaris if you prefer) on The Gifted. I didn’t really care about their relationship before, but after this week’s episode flashbacks I am all in  with the Eclaris ship. They just belong together, I mean, making an aurora borealis with their powers? So #relationshipgoals.

Jade: It probably isn’t fair for me to give this to Westallen from The Flash again, but it was two weeks in a row that they gave me all the feels. The scenes in couples therapy were hilarious, but they were also moving when Iris was finally allowed to express her feelings. Too often, she has been denied that right. It may not be logical for her to have felt abandoned by Barry when he went into the speed force, but anger is a natural part of grief – and she did grieve losing him. Anyone who’s ever lost someone they loved has likely felt anger at the person they lost – and then guilt over that anger. It was heartbreaking, and her confession broke my heart. I can’t wait to see more of these scenes in future episodes, both for the future and for the opportunity to delve into her feelings.

Lacey: Flaurel, How to Get Away With Murder. Probably an unpopular opinion but we got a small sliver of hope this week with Frank and Laurel. I know she’s still hurting and part of her is still angry at Frank, but to see her opening up to him again and Frank being honest for once, it’s making my fangirl heart soar! And next week’s previews…OMG! I missed my Flaurel last season and am currently on cloud 9 at the possibility of them getting back together.

Moment that made you collapse into a puddle of FEELS

Kayla: The scene in Supergirl where Kara realizes that her worst fear is that she thinks she killed Mon-El in the pod by sending him to space. I cried right along with her. I really loved the Danvers Sisters moment in this scene where Alex talks her down from her panic attack and makes her realize Mon-El may (IS STILL) be alive. Just so many feels! Melissa Benoist, you deserve an Emmy!

Danielle: When Deja asked Beth to do her hair in This is Us. When it comes to us black girls and women, our hair is our identity! We can design it into so many ways: curled, straight, bob, weaves, braids, short, long, natural, etc. The list goes on and on, and I love it!! It takes forever to do, but that’s the price we pay to look however beautiful we want. So when I saw Beth doing Deja’s hair, it reminded me of so many times when my mom had to do my hair from scratch —washing, deep conditioning, perms, you name it! It also gave me hope when Deja started opening up about her mom.

Carme: It was a mix of moments, all from Kevin (Probably) Saves the World. Kevin noticing all the responsibilities and emotional background her sister faces, Amy telling to Nathan that Kevin had tried to suicide and that she kinda feels guilty about it, and the support Kevin got from Kristin and Tyler when he told them he tried to killed himself; mixed into a huge emotional moment that got me tearing up.

Jade: There were several moments in Supergirl that brought the feels this week. I loved the opening montage, juxtaposing the love and happiness in the Sanvers relationship, the mother/daughter relationship between Samantha and Ruby, and Kara’s solitude and sorrow. Kara’s vision of Krypton also broke my heart. As a long-time Superman fan, the story isn’t new to me. It is so familiar, it’s easy for me to forget the key difference between Kara and Kal. Kal was sent away as a baby, but Kara was old enough to remember. She was old enough to remember her mother’s goodbye. She was old enough to watch her planet die. Being reminded of that (even though she later realized the truth of her vision) absolutely broke my heart. And, of course, I adored the Kara/Alex hug. They have the best sibling relationship on television.

Lyra: Watching Catania being betrayed by someone she trusted on The Shannara Chronicles. It was painful to watch someone’s life and potential to do a great many things, go down the drain because of power and fear of magic. And the words of our Lord and savior Adele,”We could’ve had it all!”

Lacey: Kara’s breakdown in Supergirl. This week’s episode was all about facing your fears and our poor, sweet, broken Kryptonian finally faced hers dead on. Watching her suffer from a panic attack in the elevator and then breaking down and admitting what she was truly afraid of to Alex was so emotional and breathtaking. Knowing how much she blames herself for Mon-El leaving, and in her mind, dying, it was gut-wrenching. She is such a strong and amazing woman but it’s also great to see that vulnerable side to her. Throughout seasons 1 and 2 , Kara was very happy and bubbly, which I enjoyed. But this darker side of her, this raw emotion? I love it even more. It makes her so much more relatable and to me, that says everything.

Superhero of the Week


Kayla: Regina on Once Upon A Time. She saved Cinderella from making a very bad mistake. Not only in the flashbacks, but in the cursed world too. So, Regina’s my superhero this week!

Lizzie: I rage against Oliver Queen from Arrow a lot, and I still have my doubts about how sound some of his decisions are, and this is certainly going to blow up in his face, but still – I gotta give the guy kudos for recognizing what his kid needed and then DOING IT. He put his money where his mouth is, at last.

Lacey: Kara, Supergirl. For all the reasons I mentioned above and then some. She continues to fight and push forward despite her shattered heart. She’s lost her entire world and now Mon-El. She is a true sign of strength and perseverance and doing all of this while still trying to stay as positive as she can, it’s spectacular to watch!

Quote of the Week


Carme: Cheryl on Riverdale: “You are a stone cold bitch Betty Cooper”.

Terri: “Oh it’s every man for themselves, just like Bachelor in Paradise” – Boyle, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jade: “Is it me, or did the most skilled torturer Hell’s ever known just fluff that man’s pillow?” – Lucifer on the show with the same name.

Lyra: “Maybe I’m not worth all this.” Jack Kline, Supernatural

Lacey: “Fellas, so sorry I’m late. The curls were not cooperating this morning.” – Cisco Ramon, The Flash

WTF Moment of the Week


Lizzie: The Gifted, you’ve won the WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING moment of the week. I get wanting a love triangle in a general sense, though trust me, those are outdated, but if you really wanted one, couldn’t you have procured it the normal way, by, you know, having the 3 characters spend time together? Why did you need to have Dreamer plant fake memories on Blink so she could save Thunderbird from the kind of trouble he and the other 3 mutants he was with could have and should have handled without problem? Have you ever heard of the word consent? If a relationship is coming out of this I will literally puke. And call you out till the end of my days.

Danielle: On This is Us, when Deja had to ruin the ride by chopping off all of her braids in an angry rage, and I screamed so loud. I couldn’t believe that she had done that! I understand that she was upset, that she’d felt her trust in Beth was broken, but she should have known that living in a house with Beth and Randall, Randall would have known eventually. They’re married, for goodness sakes! Chopping off your hair in an angry rage isn’t going to bring your jailbird mama back.

Kayla: On Arrow, Oliver hands over being the Green Arrow to Diggle. I never actually expected him to give it up. It’s been 6 years and he’s been through hell to protect this identity and do what he thought was right. However, I do understand that he is a single dad now and his son is scared he will lose him. So, I applaud Oliver for this. However, one flaw Arrow writers…Diggle’s a dad too. And a husband. Wouldn’t Lyla and John Jr. be just as upset if something were to happen to Diggle? The Green Arrow always has a target on his back. So, in this regard I’m frustrated because it’s like Diggle’s wife and son mean nothing to the writers.

Also, Diggle has nerve damage from Lian Yu. He can’t even be Spartan properly. What makes him think he can shoot a bow and arrow as accurately as Oliver can with nerve damage? I don’t think this is going to end well. It’s just not Arrow without Oliver as The Emerald Archer? WHAT? We’ll see how long this lasts.

Carme: On Riverdale, literally everything Cheryl did. But specially showing her mom the video where Cliff shoots Jason. WTF? Did she actually think  it was a good idea? And the “It might bring you some peace” phrase? WHAT KIND OF PEACE IS GOING TO BRING YOU?  Seriously, I still don’t know how Penelope didn’t have a heart attack or something.

Also, Archie buying a gun. A 17 year old kid buying a gun from another 17 year old kid he barely knows. WHAT KIND OF TOWN IS RIVERDALE TURNING INTO? Speechless.

Terri: The whole current season of Scandal thus far. For a show in it’s last season, it should be trying to go out on top, not whatever is happening this year. The characters are unlikeable and it’s at times painful to watch.

Lyra: Diggle acting like Dinah has no cause for concern and that she was making a big deal out of something small and manageable on Arrow. Contrary to popular belief Diggle is not a robot and he can’t control when his body goes through an episode. He needs to put his pride aside and admit that he is not at his best and that he can get people killed. This is not a secret worth keeping or waiting for until he’s ready. Period. He needs to talk to his friends and family now and get help to fix what has been damaged.

Lacey: Bonnie, How to Get Away With Murder. Look here, I’m on my last leg with Bonnie. Pretending to be a patient in need and seeing the same therapist as Annalise just to get dirt on her? Oh fuck no! She’s testing my patience. While I’m happy she’s finally moving on and making a name for herself, she needs to let this anger and hatred and pettiness over her past with Annalise go cause girl, it is NOT a good look.

Agree? Disagree? Have another moment you think we missed? Share with us in the comments below!

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