1D Chronicles: Week Ending 10/22/17

This has been another busy week for the 1D lads, with new songs, concerts and more all over the world. It is nothing they aren’t already used to, but this time around it is all on them as individuals as they celebrate and navigate solo success.

So let’s get right to it, shall we?


We all get a little excited when we go to concerts. Especially when we love the singer as much as we love Harry Styles. But never in my life have I heard of something like what I am about to report on….

Saturday, October 22 was yet another concert for Harry, but this one had special meaning. A charity show for breast cancer awareness called We Can Survive, hosted at Hollywood Bowl in LA, brought many amazing artists together for one very special cause. When Harry took the stage, the fans were ready and eager for him. And when he played the crowd favorite Kiwi, one fan got a little too excited. When coming to his knees during the song at the edge of the stage, as he always does, a fan reached out and grabbed his crotch. He was momentarily stunned, the incident captured by other fans on video, before heading to the other side of the stage with his hand over his crotch.

Now, we all want to be that close to Harry. Let’s be honest. But never, NEVER, is it okay to grab him, or anyone, in such a way. It is nothing short of assault, and is not a part of being a fan. We have NO rights when it comes to him as a person, or anything in his life, body, or mind, for that matter. The fandom has unleashed on Twitter and other social media condemning the incident, while Styles has not spoken out personally.

In todays climate with sexual assault at the forefront of news all over, such an incident just reminds us that it is not just women who are subject to this type of abuse. Males fall victim as well, and it is important to remind everyone, young and old, male and female, fan or not, that nothing gives us the right to touch anyone in such a way.

You can see a clip HERE


This was a huge week for the Irish one, as his solo debut, Flicker, finally unleashed onto the world. It is exactly what we (or at least I) expected from him, with Ed Sheeran-esque ballads and soulful tunes that you can sit back and simply enjoy. I will be doing a complete review of the album later in the week, but for a few lucky fans, they were able to attend an exclusive release with Horan in LA where he performed all tracks live. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I am sure none of them will soon forget!

Reviews have been solid and raving for the album, some calling it ‘awww-inspiring’ and soulful. We can’t wait to see what more industry insiders have to say as they take in the talented Irishman.


Liam is another member who had a solid week of musical releases, with his latest single Bedroom Floor causing many fans to consider that it is about a rocky time in his relationship with Cheryl Cole. He has previously stated that a song or two was inspired by the mother if his child wanting to leave, and lyrics suggesting as such are rampant in his latest release.

Even if it is true and the song is about he and Cheryl and a less than solid time in their relationship, Payno has also revealed that it is Cheryls favorite song on his album.

With a touch of a tropical feel, Bedroom Floor is definitely a song that makes you smile as you think about your own romantic experiences.

“You said it was over, but your clothes say different on my bedroom floor.”


Tommo released his latest single Just Like You not long ago, but we are still waiting for a video to go along with the track. We all want to see Tommo on our screens again, but he seems to be teasing us as he releases a lyric video for the song instead of a right proper video. Well played, sass master.

We are sure there will be a video not far behind, but for now, he seems content to work us into a frenzy wanting the song more and more until he is well and ready.

That is all for this week, but we are sure there will be more exciting news in the 1D world and we will be ready to bring it all to you!

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