Gayle Forman Announces New YA Novel

When you talk about authors we love, Gayle Forman would be at the top of that list. Every book that she has ever written has moved us to our core and we’re thankful that we’ve been influenced by her writing.

But it’s been three years since Forman has released a YA book and we’ve desperately missed her in the marketplace. But that is all about to change.

Forman announced her upcoming book, “I Have Lost My Way.”

“It took me three years, and several aborted projects, to find it. There were times when I was convinced I couldn’t write anymore. I’d lost my way. And then characters arrived and helped me find it.” Forman told Penguin Teen.

I want to cry over this. Because it’s literally that great of news.

“I Have Lost My Way is a novel about three teens– Freya, Harun, and Nathaniel– who have sacrificed enormously and suffered deeply personal losses, and how their fates become intertwined after an accident in Central Park,” Penguin said.

The book will hit shelves March 2018.

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