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As you already know, Fangirlish infiltrated the 2017 Toronto Wattcon event on October 21. Toronto was quickly turned orange as Wattpaders from far and wide descended on the city to celebrate all things stories, meeting old friends and new, and come together with the commonality of love and literature.

We were there in 2016 in New York when Wattpaders took over the upper west side, asking attendees the important question of what wattpad story they wish they had written. This time was no different, and with different writers and people, comes a different but equally as important question…

We scoured the convention and outtings with attendees, stalking out the answers from even the most conflicted of individuals. It was a tough question considering how much talent and awesomeness is available on the forum, but we forced out answers, and we have them for you exclusively here!

So here we go!

What Wattpad story do you want to see made in to a movie?

@krazydiamond: I really want to see Mermaids and the Vampires Who Love Them (BrittanieCharmintine) made into a movie. Especially the rewrite, I really want to see that on film.

@shaunallan: I would love to see BenSobieck When the Black Eyed Children Knock, it is such a really intense, well written story. It is one of my favorites. I read it before he became a Star and I was so pleased when he became a star because it is a brilliant story.

@gabycabezut: I have to say Prince with Benefits (my own) *laughter* Or A Proscriptive Relationship by @xxskatergirl16xx, I love that story!

@tamoja: There are so many I cant choose

@knightsrachel: The book I’d like to see become a movie is No Capes by joecool123! I love it, I am obsessed.

@brandonwong048: I would definitely recommend AV Geiger (adam_and_jane) Follow Me Back. It is mystery, thriller, action and I think it would really translate well onto the big screen.

@mcromances: I would probably say Dead in Bed

@amberlove222: Probably Phantom, a Harry Styles fan fiction but I dont think it is on Wattpad anymore.

@theorangutan: One of the best I’ve read is a story by LostDMBFiles called Reefer Ranger. He is brilliant and the story is thrilling. Great read.

@me2you804: I would have to say Stiletto Sisterhood by Fallon Demornay. I could see myself sitting through that, because it is about a bunch of kick ass women.


Each Wattcon event is bigger and better than the last, and Fangirlish will continue to be there for every single one! We will keep stalking all your favorite writers to give you insight into what they love on Wattpad!

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