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We’ve almost hit the target, Blindspot fans! We can already taste that moment in which our favorite show returns after the long hellatus hiatus. IT’S ONLY ONE DAY! And, with the premiere of season 3 so close, last night a special Blindspot screening took place, and of course, the cast provided some scoop about the new episodes. We, of course, have all the information for you right here.

In addition, we bring you new 3×01 promos, a new sneak peek, new scoops about Jane’s tattoos, interviews with the cast and Martin Gero and some behind the scenes and event photos.

Here we go!


Thanks to TVLine we have awesome scoops.

Jaimie Alexander got to raving about Audrey Esparza’s dance skills, which  suggests an undercover op where Tasha gets to do some twirling. That prompted Alexander to share this tidbit: “There will be something where she and I go undercover together, which is going to be very fun — and we will not look like ourselves, let’s put it that way!”


Thanks to EW we have information about a new addition to the Cast!

Anthony Lemke joins Blindspot as a recurring guest star, starting in the ninth episode. The Dark Matter star will play Victor, a charming and dangerous fixer working for a questionable organization.



Thanks to EW we offer you an interview with Martin Gero where he talks about the premiere.

After closing the book on Sandstorm, NBC’s mystery thriller Blindspot has jumped ahead nearly two years, kicking off what executive producer Martin Gero calls a “soft reset” of the show.

Gero teases:

“Roman wants her back at the FBI. This year, we’ll slowly realize the tattoos are also pointing at the entire team and what they’ve been up to in the past two years. We really are going to crisscross the globe and we’re going to show it off in a way that’s pretty extraordinary,” . “Roman is the big bad because he’s done this to Jane and has put these tattoos on her body and is kind of like Shepherd. But they are taking down bad people, so he’s kind of mixed. He’s a big bad, but there might be an even bigger bad out there that he’s trying to take down with these tattoos.”

Martin comments:

“There’s a new set of tattoos and part of the fun of this season is uncovering what they’re pointing at and why Roman did this to her. I think they’re punitive in a way, he’s going to show her through these tattoos, who the people are that she’s working with, there is some mythology stuff that it’s difficult to talk about at this point that he has an endgame for those tattoos as well”. “Roman is his own person for the first time ever and so part of his emotional arc that we’ll see this season is him trying to like figure out who the real Roman is and what he really wants”.

Gero adds:

“Jane don’t remember some of the biggest memories”. The cases veer dangerously close to the lives of all of our main characters and their own personal secrets”. “There’s  hope for Jane and Roman relationship. She’s still the closest person in the world to him.”

Martin Gero continues:

“You’ll see flashbacks, and we hope to fill in a lot of it right away, in the first two or three minutes of the show. No fan of the show will want to miss the opening of this season. That will endeavor to fill in a lot of what the hell’s going on and why did she run away and how they’re married. Jane’s a little more hard-headed this year and her own person. She’s done a lot of growing and so she’s a lot more assertive”.

“Jeller fans will be very, very happy. They’re closer than they’ve ever been at the beginning of this season and continue to get closer. It’s fascinating seeing them be so healthy, really, at the beginning of the season.” – Will we have a Jeller break in the second half? Gero remarks a lot about “in the first part of the season” and makes me suspect … -.

“Jane’s crossed paths with a lot of unsavory characters and that will come back and those are some of the people we will meet this season”.

Gero also says:

“When Jane tells Kurt what she was doing, they’re trying very hard to not keep secrets between each other and she is very, very honest with him at the beginning of the season”. “The power dynamic this year is completely turned on its head and it makes for some great character scenes in the early episodes as they themselves are trying to navigate that”.

“Reade has become the assistant director of the NYO. It’s tough for Zapata initially because they were used to being on very similar ground. Weller really struggles with not being totally in control. A big part of the second episode is them trying to find how to work together in this new dynamic”.

Martin Gero adds:

“Zapata has been increasingly frustrated with how the FBI did business so it made a lot of sense for her to just try something new. She went over and started working with the CIA and this year, the FBI and the CIA will work together much closer. They will be working in consort with each other”.

“Patterson has gone Californian a little bit and has been testing the waters out trying to build some apps and has been pretty successful”.

“We aren’t losing the darkness, but we want to balance it a little bit more. Rich has been working with FBI already for a year, we just haven’t seen it. So Reade trusts him, Hirst trusts him, the FBI has decided they trust Rich Dotcom. So while that may be foreign to Jane as she’s returning, we explain in backstory that he’s helped them out a lot and is trying to turn a new leaf.”

Gero comments:

“One of the things that’s really incredible about what we’re doing this year is we’re shooting all over the world for real”.

“The main theme of the season is an spoiler”.


This time, thanks to Tv Insider we bring you another interview, where Martin Gero answers some of the questions that interest us more.

Martin Gero explains:

“It’s a bioluminescent top layer [of new tattoos], essentially. That device he puts up to her neck is like a battery, so it holds a charge that makes her skin tingle.”

“Jane often puts the needs of others before herself. And if she needed to disappear, she left Kurt but not for selfish reasons.”

“We’re going to give you a lot of information at the very beginning of Season 3 —especially the emotional stuff”.

Gero continues:

“Jane and Roman had so much history together, and Jane feels like she failed him [when they were younger] and she just couldn’t protect him. So it was just impossible for her to pull the trigger. (in the season finale)”. “Roman will be the big bad in the early part of next season” – He says “in the early part of the season” interesting…

“Nas isn’t going to play a pivotal role in Season 3, but I want to have her back as much as possible”.


The countdown to the premiere of Season 3 is almost over! Blindspot is back in 1 day!. With the release so close, come some new promos, which, thanks to InewdenBlindspot Spoilers, we leave below:


In them we can see a lot of action, Roman’s revenge, the return of Ritch Dotcom, Jane in danger – my baby – and what draws my attention, a phrase from Kurt. He says “when she finds out the truth, it will destroy her,” I take it he means Jane, but what truth? What is Kurt hiding? It seems that this time it’s he who is going to hide something from Jane and her trust is going to put to the test. It’s such a role reversal. I’m intrigued and excited about this!.


Thanks to Tv Line we have a new sneak peek from the season.

“We’re not just chasing criminals in New York. It’s a whole ‘nother chapter,” star Sullivan Stapleton says in the video.

The spot shows the NBC series’ cast kicking butt and taking names “on five continents,” executive producer Martin Gero notes, including episodes filmed in Barcelona, Spain; Sydney, Australia; Marrakesh, Morocco; and Venice, Italy — where the season premiere (airing Friday, Oct. 27 at 8/7c) is set.

Blindspot‘s Jaimie Alexander: Jane’s Keeping a ‘Massive Secret’ in Season 3 “There’s just something so wonderful about showcasing an amazing city,” says star Jaimie Alexander.


Thanks to Dgct2 and Blindspot Spoilers we have new interviews from all the main members of the cast and Blindspot executive producer – Martin Gero – where they tell us some interesting things about the new season.

Jaimie and Sullivan

Sullivan and Rob

Jaimie and Luke

Martin Gero and Ennis Esmer

Ashley and Audrey


This time, thanks to Blindspot France, Dgct2, Liiith, Martin Gero and Jaimie Alexander we leave you with some BTS photos that some members of the cast have uploaded to their social networks and some Blindspot special event pics.


Thanks to Philiana, Matt Mitovich and Carla Day we have some really interesting new details about the premiere and season 3 that the actors and the producer – Martin Gero – shared during the Blindspot special event.

  • Patterson and Zapata’s friendship will grow this season. 
  • Where Zapata and Ready are after 2 years will be surprising….
  • Ritch Dotcom will be in 10 episodes this season! Brings lots of laughs!.
  • LukeMitchell is playing the team’s biggest (yet oh so charming) foe as Roman this season. 
  • LukeMitchell‘s character, Roman, has a romantic story-line that will unfold in season 3. – Super intrigued.
  • The three main Blindspot romantic storylines this season are Jeller, Reade/Zapata and Roman’s love life. – SO EXCITED FOR THIS!.
  • So far in Blindspot season 3, it seems Roman is only cast-member who’s traveled abroad. Expect LOTS of int’l locales. Like Morocco.
  • Jane emerges from duffel bag again in the Blindspot S3 premiere. Martin Gero says  the bag was smaller this time, but Jaimie Alexander decided she could fit in it.
  • The Blindspot premiere’s cold open is pretty special. 
  • Blindspot cast: LukeMitchell ‘s role in S3 is to trot the globe and kiss lots of pretty girls. He just got back from shooting an episode  in Marrakesh.  
  • Blindspot was allowed to film a rare fast boat chase in Italy canals because peeps in permit office are fans.


This time, thanks to Tv Guide we have new information about the Jane’s new tattoos, the person in charge of those tattoos and what they mean.


The season will begin where season 2 ended, with a two-year temporary leap and we will discover that the characters and the show are in a very different place. Blindspot producer Martin Gero tells us:

“The show this year is a bit of a soft reboot, it’s the characters you know and love but in a different context. That wedding ring Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) was wearing? It was because he and Jane (Jaimie Alexander) got married and started a new life — one that somehow led Jane to Nepal alone — ” – My Jeller heart!.

Gero says:

“The first two minutes of the show are very un-Blindspot because it’s just pure joy. It almost feels like a different show, you get to see what I think fans have wanted, which is Jane and Weller finally getting together, living an idyllic life together away from it all with the support of their friends and family. It feels like a giant breath of fresh air. And then of course bullets come flying through the windows. It gets back to Blindspot real quick.” – Will we see Jeller on the “honeymoon” stage? I’M SCREAMING !

Jane’s Tattoos and Roman

Martin Gero also talked about Jane’s new tattoos. There have been several theories along this hiatus trying to figure out who might be responsible for those tattoos. Some fans were right in their lucubrations and Gero confirms that Roman (Luke Mitchell) is the one who inked those new glowing tattoos on Jane. And because Jane and Roman had a “falling out” when Jane chose the FBI over Roman, the hotheaded sibling has a bone to pick not just with Jane, but with all her team. Gero comments:

“What’s fascinating about the tattoos this year is they are aimed at the team as well as Jane. Each member of the team has tattoos that are resonant to them, or expose secrets [they have]. I think you’ll see at the end of the season premiere, they all have something to hide.”

However, perhaps Roman is not the only villain around or he isn’t  the most dangerous. A bigger villain may emerge. Gero tells:

“Roman is obviously a bad guy, but maybe the person that these tattoos are going after also needs to be taken down”. 

New tone

The fun and brighter tone will be present in season 3. In this regard, Gero says:

“More than anything, we want the show to be fun. The Rich Dot Com episodes that we’ve done in the past are some of our best. We’re on Friday nights now, the world is a scary place. We want to be the thing you turn on to get your weekend started right and have a great time.” 

Do you like the new promos and interviews that have come out?. Did you expect something different? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us in the comments below!

Blindspot airs Friday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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