Fangirlish Interviews Wattpad Star Gavin Hetherington

Wattpad knows how to cultivate the best and brightest of their forum, and bring their work to the forefront. The Wattpad Stars are just a sampling of these incredible and talented groupings, and no matter your reading preference, you will find someone who knows exactly how to get, and keep, your literary attention.

This is definitely a description that applies to Gavin Hetherington, a Wattpad Star and reader/writer/forum favorite. He has spoken at Wattcon NYC, taken part in Wattpad anthologies, and for those who have met him you will know that he is charming, funny, and just so damn sweet you can’t help but fall in love with him. A lover of literature, Little Mix and all things Disney, he is as relatable as he is talented.

Fangirlish was able to nab Gavin for a little Q&A to find out what stories he loves, how he found Wattpad, and his advice for newcomers to the popular writing forum.

What made you decide to use Wattpad?

Before Wattpad, I did some self-publishing and while it did pretty well, I wasn’t getting what I wanted from my writing – engaged readers. I could see the numbers on my screen but I wasn’t seeing who was reading it. So, when I discovered Wattpad on Twitter, I decided to upload my first book and give it a shot. I was not disappointed. I managed to find an audience and instantly I could see the benefits. I wanted those engaged readers and my wish came true – I could see exactly what people were saying. I joined for the community and it’s been the best community ever.

What is your favourite story on the forum at the moment?

On Wattpad, one of my favourite book series of all-time would have to be Bella Higgin’s Belle Morte series. I was a big fan of her before I met her at WattCon in London and I was so taken by how down-to-earth and friendly she is. I have fallen in love with so many authors on this platform, I cannot keep up, and the stories I’ve read have been too many! I couldn’t possibly name them all but I do absolutely adore Bella Higgin’s stories. Also Fallon Demornay’s Stiletto Sisterhood. Man, did I love that one!

Tell us a bit about your favourite story of yours on Wattpad.

So the story that is my favourite and holds the biggest place in my heart is Remnants of the Damned, which is my first story. It is also the first in a series called Abyssal Sanctuary (and I’m currently writing book four on the platform now). It’s about five people who work in a café in a town called Lakefield View. Somebody gets murdered right in front of their eyes and it sets off a chain of events where they’re each put through terrifying trials of life and death until a very big climax with a very creepy family in the woods. There’s a big mythology behind it too so it’s very horror, very fantasy, but it’s mainly about the characters and what they go through as people and how it defines them. You see as the series goes on how much it changes them. But I’ll also say, as a guilty pleasure favourite of mine, my Little Mix musical fanfiction, Black Magic, I had the most fun writing that one. Seriously, I keep itching to go back to it even though I finished it because I enjoyed writing it so much. That’s my guilty pleasure favourite.

What has been your proudest author moment?

Getting to speak to a room full of people in New York for WattCon in 2016. I got to share my own personal story and even though, at the time, I didn’t have a great deal of followers, the fact that so many people wanted to hear my story about me as a writer and as a person – it was so humbling. I loved doing it and meeting so many amazing people through Wattpad, writers, fans and staff alike, and it was probably the moment I really realised that this was home. Wattpad is the place I belong and, as an author, that realisation was revolutionary.

What would you tell someone who is thinking of writing on Wattpad but feeling nervous?

Don’t think about it, just do it. There is absolutely nothing to lose when it comes to sharing your amazing work on Wattpad. It’s very, very rare that there are any trolls because the Wattpad staff are so on it and will look after you, as well as the entire community. Wattpad is a place of love and expression so feel free to express yourself. My life has been changed since joining Wattpad and I wouldn’t be the writer I am today if I hadn’t joined. So do it, go for it because it’s very possible that it’s going to change your life too.

A million and one thanks to Gavin for chatting with us, and we encourage everyone who loves thrills, chills and a little humor to check out his work! You won’t be sorry!

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