Fangirlish Reviews Niall Horan’s ‘Flicker’

We here at Fangirlish love One Direction. And as much as we miss them as a band while they take this hiatus to explore other ventures, we can’t help but love all the music, concerts, appearances and videos we are getting now that 4/4 have become 1/1/1/1.

October 20, 2017, Niall Horan released his solo effort, Flicker, onto the world. A collection of ‘his sound’, with soft acoustic ballads and cheerful party songs, we were anxious and excited to see what he would make now that he had full control over his sound and his musical future. We’ve taken a few days to listen to the music, take it all in, and have a breakdown for you in completion.

But of course, we don’t want to be biased. Being pop culture writers sometimes sways us to the neutral, never wanting to swoon or give too much adoration and show favoritism. So, along with our insights, we have some input from 1D fan Bianca, helping out staff writer Kristi and 1D spy with the complete review of Horan’s debut.

So let’s get started shall we? We will break it all down song by song to start:

On the Loose – This song can only be described as fun, happy, bouncy dance. A strong groove and upbeat tune that makes you want to move.

This Town – This was Horan’s first official solo release, and a song we have heard on the airwaves for quite some time. But now, as part of the album, it still has the same slow piano tune and heartfelt connectivity that we felt when we first heard it last fall.

Seeing Blind – First of all, love the title. Like, LOVE. Lyrically, its not bad, with the tune and beat easy to follow, but overall this isnt our fave.

Slow Hands – You can’t help but move when you hear this song. Sexy, upbeat acoustic flavor that Horan has now settled as his sound, it is a perfect mixture of dance and groove

Too Much to Ask – Acoustic guitar always brings a close, warm feeling to songs, and this ballad immediately gets to our hearts. The perfect mix of sorrow heartbreak and longing, it is essentially an ‘I miss you’ tune and makes our hearts break for whoever made Niall need to write this song.

Paper Houses – Slow, easy listen, but doesn’t really grab us like some of the others. Lyrically alright, but again, it doesn’t leave us coming back for more.

Since We’re Alone – Romantic mood setting is essentially what this tune is. You can picture the setting, maybe something a la Niall’s set in Night Changes, and you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Flicker – A good mix of slow but then raises to a quicker climax, the lyrics are good and it leaves you with a warm and happy feeling

Fire Away – Basically, a really good love song. Very harmonic, guitar acoustics and make you want to learn the damn instrument just so you can copy the notes, it leaves you with a smile on your face by the end.

You and Me – Amazing lyrics, giving you hope, belief and easily our fave from the album. Again, in keeping with the slow, easy listening acoustics Niall knows exactly how to stand out as ear candy on a cold night.

On My Own – This one is the perfect getting over a breakup song. Expressive with strong lyrics, you end feeling empowered rather than worn like with some heartbreak songs.

Mirrors – This one starts out slow, but speeds up as you listen. You can tell this tune is very deep, heartfelt and gives you all the feels. In the end, you have a sense of togetherness and connection to Niall that you would want to have with a song.

The Tide – This is more of a mid tempo tune, with very relatable, compassionate lyrics that are pure romance. Unlike some love songs, this one makes you feel triumphant for doing your best in trying to make things work, and gives a voice to the feeling of wanting and being wanted.

Overall, it is nothing short of a full on great album. It is refreshing to have a whole album that is based on acoustics, and doesnt rely on the technical over production of some albums. This is pure Niall, and he did not disappoint. It gives a bigger outlet to connect emotional with the fans that some other 1D music may have lacked, and there is a feeling of being whole with the mixture of upbeat and ballad tunes. No matter your feelings, you will find a song that you can connect to on this record, whether you are happy, sad, going through a breakup or just need to groove.

If you want to feel connected to the music, to Niall, and have a good relaxing, fun listen? Then this is the album for you.

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