1D Chronicles: Week Ending 10/28/17

Its that time of week again! Time to recap all the happenings of the 1D lads while they conquer the solo music world and thrill fans far and wide! It is nothing new for these 4, having sold millions of albums worldwide as a group, but now all the rules have changed as they take over the solo landscape.

Here is the 1D Chronicles for this week!


Harry has been dominating North America with his solo world tour for the last several weeks. Sold out shows, screaming fans, and media outlets singing his praises. But it is now time for him to take over Europe as he kicks off the next leg of his tour! The first show, headlining in Paris, and as usual he didn’t disappoint.

On a slightly different note, Harry thrilled with his latest fashion choice…a galactic theme sweater, his hair messy and hinting at the curls we love, and shades over his eyes. Needless to say, he caused quite a stir when he appeared in Paris a few days ago.


Nialler has been riding a high since the release of his solo album, as it gains rave reviews from media and fans alike (including us). He has proven himself above and beyond, exceeding all expectation and leaving us curled up with a warm blanket, a glass of wine, and Flicker to spend our evening.

Of course, he wouldnt he happy unless he sent us on a tailspin, so he released more tour dates to celebrate his record. Singapore, Japan and the Philippines are just some of the countries who can look forward to seeing Nialler on tour in 2018! Check your local ticket sites for more info and dates.


Keeping on the high of releasing his latest single, Bedroom Floor, Payno is also making sure he gives us those appearances and concerts we so sorely miss from him. It was announced this week that he will be performing at the 2017 MTV EMA awards on November 12. The show, held in London, will be yet another appearance by solo Liam, getting ready to release his solo album, which we are still waiting for more information on at this time.


We all know Tommo is a bit of a sass, and that is just one of the million things we love about him. But he isnt too proud to poke fun at himself, which is exactly what he did this week when he posted a throwback photo of himself on social. Posing with a can of Stella and a peace sign, Tommo pays homage to his teen years, well before he became part of the biggest boy band in the world. Tommo has also apparently recorded the video for the Back to You single, back in his hometown of Doncaster. We are anxiously awaiting that on our screens!

Check in next week for another installment and to find out all the 1D dirt!

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